Summary of Executive Assistant Expenses

Summaries of Expenses for Executive Assistants (EAs) are posted on this site by fiscal year. On the last working day of each month, the previous month's expenses are added to the summaries.

There may be more than one link under an EAs name.  Separate summaries are posted for each department and office that an EA reports to.

Contact: Executive Council Office 902-424-6604.


April 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Christopher Abraham

Kyle Bernard

Laura Bignell

Dylan Blain

Peter Bragg

Edgar Burns

Alxys Chamberlain

Mitchell Gallant

Ariel B. Gough

Joy Graham

Shannon Hall

Michael Hamm

Kristen Herrington

Adam Langer

Mark MacPhail

Brett Mckinnon

Kevin Musgrave

Shauna Williams

John Withrow

Troy Yeo

Anthony Zibara