NS Govlab

We’re innovating policies, programs and services to meet the needs of Nova Scotia’s aging population.

We’re working towards change and approaching things differently. We’re reimagining the future of Nova Scotia with an older population. By 2030, 1 in 4 people will be 65 or older. Government policies and services will need to adapt, along with our communities, social programs and workplaces. But how?

NS GovLab is the provincial government’s first social innovation lab. It has four main goals:

  • Developing a deeper understanding our aging population
  • Building and testing prototypes to support our aging population
  • Creating connections and networks
  • Establishing a community of engaged social innovators

NS GovLab uses social innovation to help us consider the ways in which Nova Scotia responds and adapts to an aging population.

We work with our fellows to generate ideas, make the ideas real as prototypes, test the prototypes in the real world and share our learnings. We are working towards durability, scale and transformative impact.  While that does not happen overnight, with each yearlong cohort of fellows we can get closer.

NS GovLab fellowships

The application process for fellowship is currently closed.  Our next call for applicants will be Spring 2019.

To read stories from the CoCreation team and lab participants, follow our blog medium.com/@NSGovLab

For any questions, email NSGovLab@novascotia.ca



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