SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population

The contribution of older Nova Scotians makes our province stronger. Together, we can shift attitudes about aging, and focus on the opportunities that older adults bring to our province.

By 2030, more than one in four Nova Scotians will have reached or passed age 65.

SHIFT: Nova Scotia’s Action Plan for an Aging Population invites all Nova Scotians to build on the opportunities that our shifting demographic presents.

In Nova Scotia, older adults help to support families, workplaces, communities and the province as a whole. With this action plan, government is launching a major effort to ensure that older Nova Scotians can stay connected and involved in the social, economic and cultural lives of our provinces. Our commitments range from investments in transportation and housing, to promoting healthy living and the participation of older adults in the economy.

To develop this plan, we asked Nova Scotians of all ages to share their thoughts about the contributions older adults make to our province, and what would help them live healthier lives and grow old in their communities. We brought together community leaders and experts. SHIFT reflects what we heard.

We invite you to read and share the plan, and help shape Nova Scotia’s future.

Together, we will value, promote, and support older adults. We all benefit when older Nova Scotians stay in the workforce as long as they want, are involved in community activities and share their experiences.

The shift is underway. Imagine the opportunities.