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Bingo Suppliers Regulations

made under Section 127 of the

Gaming Control Act

S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 4

O.I.C. 95-257 (effective April 4, 1995), N.S. Reg. 38/95

as amended to O.I.C. 2018-17 (effective January 23, 2018), N.S. Reg. 13/2018


1     These regulations may be cited as the Bingo Suppliers Regulations.


2     In these regulations


“Act” means the Gaming Control Act;


“bingo” means a licensed lottery scheme where


                         (i)     a prize is awarded to a person who purchases a card or paper for a particular game and successfully completes a predetermined pattern on the card or paper from numbers generated at random at that game, and


                         (ii)    the pattern is verified and the winner or winners declared;


“bingo operating equipment” means any equipment used to conduct the game of bingo, including random number selection equipment, bingo balls, number display boards, bingo cards, paper and sets, verification books and electronic verifier, approved by the Executive Director;


“card number” means a number usually printed in the centre space of a bingo card or paper that identifies the unique pattern of numbers printed on that bingo card or paper;


“electronic verifier” means a computer program that is part of the bingo operating equipment approved by the Executive Director that lists and illustrates the unique pattern of numbers and card numbers of each bingo card or paper and is used to verify the authenticity of every winning bingo card or paper;


“inspectors or auditors” mean inspectors or auditors appointed pursuant to the Act or these regulations, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or members of a municipal police force within the meaning of the regulations made pursuant to the Police Act;


“licensee” means a supplier as defined in clause (k), licensed by the Executive Director;


“serial number” means a unique number printed in the same manner on every bingo card or paper by the manufacturer or printer;


“set” means a number of bingo cards or papers bearing the identical serial number;


“supplier” means every individual, company or agent, distributor, printer and manufacturer that makes, sells, offers for sale, imports, barters, donates or otherwise provides, bingo operating equipment or allows bingo operating equipment to be manufactured, distributed, printed, supplied, sent, transmitted, mailed, shipped or delivered in the Province;


“verification book” means a book compiled by the manufacturer or printer of bingo cards, papers or sets approved by the Executive Director that lists and illustrates the unique pattern of numbers and card numbers on each bingo card, paper or set and is used to verify the authenticity of every winning bingo card, paper or set manufactured or printed by that manufacturer or printer.


3     (1)    Every supplier shall apply to the Executive Director for a licence for a 3-year term to


                (a)    sell, lease, lend, barter, donate or otherwise provide any bingo operating equipment in the Province; or


                (b)    send, transmit, mail, ship or deliver any bingo operating equipment in the Province.


       (2)    No supplier shall supply bingo operating equipment to any person who does not hold and produce to the supplier, a valid licence or permit.


       (3)    The Executive Director may prescribe such terms and conditions in a licence as it considers necessary for the proper administration of these regulations and may refuse to issue or may amend or refuse to renew a licence where any requirement in the regulations concerning an application is incomplete, inaccurate or not fulfilled or where, as determined by the Executive Director, to issue or renew such licence would not be in the public interest.


       (4)    The Executive Director may determine not to issue a licence and may amend, suspend or cancel an existing licence where the applicant or licensee has in its employ a person who has been convicted, within the preceding 2 years, of a criminal offence and who has not received a pardon.


       (5)    The Executive Director shall establish and prescribe standards for all bingo operating equipment to be used by licensees in the Province.


       (6)    Every supplier licensed pursuant to subsection (1) shall maintain an audit tracking system of all bingo operating equipment that it sells, offers for sale, barters, leases, lends, donates or otherwise provides for use in the Province and the Executive Director or any inspectors or auditors may examine such audit tracking information at any time.


       (7)    Each bingo card, paper or set shall contain a card number that identifies the unique pattern of numbers printed on that card, paper or set and a serial number printed on each bingo card, paper or set by the manufacturer or printer, and every supplier shall make available a verification book to every licensee to which the supplier sells, donates, leases, barters, lends, donates or otherwise provides bingo cards, papers or sets.


4     Every supplier shall


                (a)    sell, offer for sale, lease, barter, lend, donate or otherwise provide or supply bingo operating equipment only to licensees under the Bingo regulations;


                (b)    display bingo card, paper or set serial numbers on all invoices;


                (c)    make available to the Executive Director upon shipment or delivery of bingo operating equipment to a licensee under the Bingo Regulations, a copy of the shipping documents, bills of lading or delivery receipts;


                (d)    make shipment and delivery records available to the inspectors and auditors of the Executive Director within 14 days of the request of the Executive Director;


                (e)    comply with all of the Executive Director’s applicable policies and procedures regarding bingos and bingo suppliers;


                (f)    affix the name and logo of the printer or manufacturer, as the case may be, on all bingo cards, paper and sets.


5     Every application, report or licence mentioned in Sections 3 and 4 shall be in such form as the Executive Director may from time to time approve or prescribe.


6     (1)    The fee for a licence on original issue or for renewal of a licence for every supplier of bingo operating equipment for sale, lease, barter, loan, donation, importation or other provision or supply in the Province shall be $3980.85 payable to the Department.


       (2)    [repealed]

Amendment, suspension, cancellation

7     The Executive Director may amend, suspend or cancel a licence where


                (a)    a licensee provides any incorrect information on its application;


                (b)    the licensee does not provide the Executive Director with changes to information contained in the application within 15 days of the change;         


                (c)    a licensee breaches any term or condition of the licence or any provision of the Act or these regulations; or


                (d)    the Executive Director determines it is in the public interest to amend, suspend or cancel the licence.

Inspectors or auditors

8     (1)    Inspectors or auditors shall have the power to inquire into the conduct and management of every bingo supplier and shall advise the Executive Director of the results of their inquiries.


       (2)    All records of a supplier in respect of bingo operating equipment supplied to a licensee under the Bingo Regulations shall be retained by the licensee for at least 3 years after the expiration of the licence period and the licensee or former licensee shall make all such records available at the request of the Executive Director.


       (3)    Inspectors or auditors appointed by the Minister may enter, at any reasonable time, on or about the premises occupied by any licensee or the premises where the licensee’s records are kept or believed to be kept, to determine whether the Act and these regulations are being and have been complied with or to inspect, audit and examine books of account, records, documents, receipts, and bingo operating equipment.


       (4)    The person occupying the premises referred to in subsection (3) shall answer all questions pertaining to these matters and shall produce such books of account, records, documents, receipts and bingo operating equipment as may be required.


9     Every person who contravenes any provision of these regulations is guilty of an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of not more than $5000 and, in default of payment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months.



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Bingo Suppliers Regulations

N.S. Reg. 38/1995

Gaming Control Act

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