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Office of the Registrar of Regulations

The Office of the Registrar of Regulations ('Registry of Regulations') is the central government office responsible for Nova Scotia's regulations. Our office's mandate is to ensure that Nova Scotia's regulations are accessible to those who are governed by them. The office files, indexes, consolidates and publishes the Province's regulations. The office also reviews draft regulations to ensure they meet legislative drafting and plain legal language standards. The duties and powers of the office are set out in the Regulations Act.

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Download or view our guide booklet (in PDF) for an overview of the office's role and functions from this page: Overview of Office.

What is on our site?
On this site you will find the full text of most of the regulations that we have on file. Some regulations are not available in electronic format. The regulations on this site are consolidations prepared by the Office of the Registrar of Regulations and are unofficial (see disclaimer). Regulations can also be ordered from our office in hard copy or in electronic format, if available.

This site also contains the full text of the Royal Gazette Part I (2006 to present) and the Royal Gazette Part II, Regulations (2002 to present; tables of contents only, 1996-2001), and annual indexes to the Royal Gazette Part I (2000 to present) and Royal Gazette II, Regulations (1996 to present).

(Please Note: Our Office registers and publishes Nova Scotia's regulations. We cannot interpret regulations or provide legal advice. For information on how regulations may apply to you, contact the administering government department or consult a lawyer.)

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