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Definition of Eligible Industrial Property Regulations

made under Section 92B of the

Halifax Regional Municipality Charter

S.N.S. 2008, c. 39

January 20, 2015 (effective April 1, 2014), N.S. Reg. 11/2015


1     These regulations may be cited as the Definition of Eligible Industrial Property Regulations.

Definition of eligible industrial property

2     (1)    For the purposes of Section 92B of the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter, “eligible industrial property”, except as provided in subsection (2), means a parcel or a portion of a parcel of land or a combination of parcels or portions of parcels of land that is identifiable by an assessment account number or numbers on the assessment roll provided to the clerk of the Municipality pursuant to the Assessment Act and that meets all of the following criteria:


                (a)    it is occupied by the same single occupant;


                (b)    it has a minimum assessed value of $5 million;


                (c)    it contains a building or buildings or parts of a building or buildings that are occupied by the occupant referred to in clause (a);


                (d)    in the opinion of the Council, it is used for a specific, unique or complex industrial purpose;


                (e)    in the opinion of the Council, it has limited resale potential because of its specific, unique or complex usage.


       (2)    For the purposes of subsection (1), “eligible industrial property” does not include any of the following:


                (a)    property owned by the Provincial or federal government;


                (b)    property that is subject to a special tax agreement under other legislation.