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Studded Tires Regulations

made under subsection 198(4) of the

Motor Vehicle Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 293

O.I.C. 79-359 (March 27, 1979), N.S. Reg. 45/79

as amended by O.I.C. 2014-190 (May 20, 2014), N.S. Reg. 73/2014


1     It is permissible to use on a fire department vehicle moved on a highway at any time, and on any other motor vehicle moved on a highway between the 15th day of October in any year and the 31st day of May in the next year following, a pneumatic tire fitted with metal studs provided that


                (a)    the studs do not protrude more than one-eighth of an inch from the tread or traction surface of the tire;


                (b)    the diameter of each stud inclusive of the stud casing does not exceed one-half of an inch;


                (c)    there are not more than 130 studs in any one tire used on a vehicle having a registered weight of less than 10 000 lbs. or more than 175 studs in any one tire used on a vehicle having a registered weight of 10 000 lbs. or more;


                (d)    studs used in tires on the left hand side of a vehicle are equal in number to studs used in tires on the right hand side of the vehicle; and


                (e)    the studs are securely and safely embedded in the tire in such manner as to not cause damage to property or constitute a hazard to the safety of any person using the highway.

Section 1 amended: O.I.C. 2014-190, N.S. Reg. 73/2014.