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Public Services Sustainability General Regulations

made under Section 29 of the

Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act

S.N.S. 2015, c. 34

O.I.C. 2017-207 (August 22, 2017), N.S. Reg. 128/2017


[Please note: Effective December 14, 2017, these regulations are amended by N.S. Reg. 178/2017 ]


1     These regulations may be cited as the Public Services Sustainability General Regulations.


2     In these regulations,


“Act” means the Public Services Sustainability (2015) Act;


“CUPE” means the Canadian Union of Public Employees;


“Eastern Mainland Housing Authority” means the body corporate constituted as a housing authority by the Governor in Council by Order in Council 97-183 dated March 11, 1997, under Section 24 of the Housing Act;


“NSGEU” means the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union;


“PSAC” means the Public Service Alliance of Canada;


“USW” means the United Steelworkers.

Persons who are not public-sector employees

3     For the purposes of the definition of “public sector employee” in clause 3(n) of the Act, all of the following persons are prescribed as not being public-sector employees:


                (a)    a person who is employed by any of the following employers, or their successors, and is subject to a collective agreement between that employer and the specified bargaining agent, or its successor:


Bargaining Agent

Canadian Mental Health Association, Kings County Branch

NSGEU, Local 49

Adsum Association for Women & Children

CUPE, Local 4291

Veith House

NSGEU, Local 67

Community Inclusion Society

NSGEU, Local 51

Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of Nova Scotia, represented by the Public Service Commission

Nova Scotia Crown Attorneys’ Association

Celtic Community Homes Association

NSGEU, Local 54

Eastern Mainland Housing Authority

USW, Local 3172-09

DASC–Dartmouth Adult Service Centre Association, carrying on business as DASC Industries

PSAC, Local 80023

Chrysalis House Association

PSAC, Local 80024

Louisdale Community Homes Association

NSGEU, Local 105

Hub Residential Services Society

NSGEU, Local 110

King’s Meadow Residence Society

NSGEU, Local 52

Gateway Homes Incorporated

NSGEU, Local 58

Hillside Pines Home for Special Care Society

Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union, Hillside Pines Home for Special Care Local


                (b)    a teacher;


                (c)    a person who is otherwise included in the definition of “public-sector employee” by any of subclauses 3(n)(i) to (viii) of the Act, but who is not represented by a bargaining agent.