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Chignecto Game Sanctuary Regulations

made under Section 113 of the

Wildlife Act

R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 504

O.I.C. 94-681 (August 17, 1994), N.S. Reg. 138/94

as amended up to O.I.C. 2013-210 (June 25, 2013), N.S. Reg. 233/2013


1     These regulations may be cited as the “Chignecto Game Sanctuary Regulations”.


2     In these regulations


                (a)    “Act” means the Wildlife Act;


                (b)    “Department” means the Department of Natural Resources;


                (c)    “Minister” means the Minister of Natural Resources;


                (ca)  “muzzleloader” means a muzzleloader as defined in the Firearm and Bow Regulations made under the Act;

Clause 2(ca) added: O.I.C. 2013-210, N.S. Reg. 233/2013


                (d)    “Sanctuary” means the Chignecto Game Sanctuary.

Restrictions on hunting

3     (1)    Except as provided in these regulations, no person shall


                (a)    take, hunt, kill or pursue or attempt to take, hunt, kill or pursue any wild animal or bird; or


                (b)    possess any firearm, bow, crossbow, trap, snare or possess any wild animal or bird or the carcass or any part of any wild animal or bird


within the limits of the Sanctuary.


       (2)    Despite the regulations made herein, the Minister may, upon such terms and conditions as the Minister considers advisable, by written authorization allow any person to enter the Sanctuary at any time, including Sunday, to take, hunt, kill or capture, any wild animal or bird for the purposes of the control, management or study of the wildlife therein.

Hunting in the sanctuary

4     (1)    Subject to these regulations, any person may enter the Sanctuary during the open seasons prescribed in the Deer Hunting Regulations made under the Act for hunting under a deer hunting stamp (general) and a deer hunting stamp (archery and muzzleloader) and may take, hunt, kill or pursue or attempt to take, hunt, kill or pursue wildlife with a bow and arrow in the Sanctuary provided


                (a)    the person is certified to hunt with a bow under the Hunter Education, Safety and Training Regulations made under the Act;

Clause 4(1)(a) replaced: O.I.C. 2006-365, 155/2006.


                (b)    the season is open for the species taken, hunted, killed or pursued; and

Clause 4(1)(b) amended: O.I.C. 2013-210, N.S. Reg. 233/2013


                (c)    the person is the holder of a valid licence or permit if a licence or permit is required to take, hunt, kill or pursue the species.

Clause 4(1)(c) amended: O.I.C. 2013-210, N.S. Reg. 233/2013

Subsection 4(1) amended: O.I.C. 2000-217, N.S. Reg. 65/2000; O.I.C. 2013-210, N.S. Reg. 233/2013.


       (2)    Any person hunting within the Sanctuary pursuant to these regulations is exempted from wearing hunter orange clothing.


       (3)    It shall be an offence for any person who hunts, takes, kills or pursues or attempts to hunt, take, kill or pursue wildlife in the Sanctuary to fail to comply with these regulations, or with any provision of the Act or regulations made pursuant to the Act, including the provisions respecting bag limits, tagging and reporting, unless exempted therefrom by these regulations.

Section 5 repealed: O.I.C. 97-525, N.S. Reg. 104/97.