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Annual Index for Volume 20 (1996)
(Nova Scotia Royal Gazette Part II)

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[Up] Agriculture and Marketing ActReg NoIssue
Designation of the Nova Scotia Berry Crop Association as commodity group and declaration of levy61/968
[Up] Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActReg NoIssue
Amendments to various trades75/9610
General Regulations - Amendment20/964
[Up] Building Code ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations158/9622
[Up] Business Electronic Filing ActReg NoIssue
Joint Stock Companies Electronic Filing Regulations128/9616
[Up] Canada-NS Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation (NS) ActReg NoIssue
NS Offshore Area Certificate of Fitness4/962
NS Offshore Area Oil and Gas Spills and Debris Liability3/962
NS Offshore Area Petroleum Diving6/962
NS Offshore Area Petroleum Drilling - Amendment5/962
NS Offshore Area Petroleum Production and Conservation144/9619
[Up] Children and Family Services ActReg NoIssue
Children and Family Service Regulations - Amendment41/967
[Up] Chiropractors ActReg NoIssue
General Regulations86/9611
[Up] Civil Service ActReg NoIssue
Early Departure Incentive Program and Salary Protection Regulations161/9622
General Regulations - Amendment148/9619
[Up] Collection Agencies ActReg NoIssue
Collection Agencies Regulations - Amendment132/9616
[Up] Community Colleges ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 99, 1995-96, c. 466/969
[Up] Consumer Protection ActReg NoIssue
Consumer Protection Regulations - Amendment143/9619
[Up] Cosmetology ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 31, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 537/966
[Up] Costs and Fees ActReg NoIssue
Fees to be taken at the Department of Attorney General - Amendment28/965
[Up] Crop and Livestock Insurance ActReg NoIssue
NS C&L Ins. Plan for Tree Fruit & Peas and Beans - Amendments69/969
[Up] Dairy Commission ActReg NoIssue
Financial Equalization Regulations (Schedule 6)166/9624
General Regulations (Schedule 1)
- Amendment73/9610
- Amendment87/9611
- Amendment137/9618
Milk Production Regulations (Schedule 2) - Amendment135/9617
Schedule of Milk Prices for Specified Areas Regulations (Schedule 9)
- Amendment130/9616
- Replacement136/9617
- Amendment156/9621
Total Production Quotas Regulations (Schedule 10)
- Amendment134/9617
- Amendment149/9620
- Amendment157/9621
Transportation of Milk (Schedule 5) - Amendment50/968
[Up] Dispensing Opticians ActReg NoIssue
General Regulations - Amendment68/969
[Up] Education ActReg NoIssue
Establishment of School Councils7/962
General Regulations - Amendment24/964
- Amendment152/9620
Proclamation, S. 158, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 112/963
[Up] Emergency Measures ActReg NoIssue
Continuity of Government Regulations rescinded16/964
[Up] Environment ActReg NoIssue
Ministerial Order re Ronald and Sylvia Bell17/964
Ministerial Order re Petro Canada23/964
Motive Fuel and Fuel Oil Approval Regulations21/964
Revocation of Ministerial Order re Cape Breton Dev Corporation13/964
Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations25/964
- Amendment34/966
- Amendment167/9625
[Up] Family Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Family Benefits Schedule "B" Regulations - Amendment102/9613
- Amendment105/9614
- Amendment164/9622
[Up] Ferries ActReg NoIssue
Ferriage Charges Regulations173/9626
[Up] Fire Prevention ActReg NoIssue
Automatic Sprinkler Systems Maintenance Regulations160/9622
Liquid Petroleum Gas Installation and Equipment Regulations32/965
[Up] Fisheries Development ActReg NoIssue
Loan Regulations - Amendment58/968
[Up] Fisheries Organizations Support ActReg NoIssue
Fisheries Organizations Support Act Regulations170/9625
Proclamation, S. 15, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 6169/9625
[Up] Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ActReg NoIssue
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy - Amendment133/9616
[Up] Gaming Control ActReg NoIssue
Bingo Regulations - Amendment172/9626
[Up] General AssemblyReg NoIssue
[Up] Halifax County Charter and Assessment ActReg NoIssue
Atlantic Winter Fair Tax Exemption By-law - Amendment46/967
[Up] Health Services and Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Seniors' Pharmacare Program Regulations - Amendment44/967
[Up] Health Services Tax ActReg NoIssue
Health Services Tax Act Regulations - Amendment42/967
[Up] Highway 104 Western Alignment ActReg NoIssue
Highway 104 Western Alignment Regulations91/9611
[Up] Hospitals ActReg NoIssue
Hospitals Act Regulations - Amendment43/967
- Amendment81/9610
- Amendment129/9616
[Up] Housing ActReg NoIssue
Housing Authority By-laws repealed138/9618
[Up] Income Tax ActReg NoIssue
Amendment to clauses 4B(2)(a), (b) & (d) of the Income Tax Act90/9611
Film Industry Tax Credit Regulations15/964
Prospectus Tax Credit Regulations14/964
[Up] Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Uninsured Automobile and Unidentified Automobile Coverage94/9612
[Up] Interpretation Act, An Act to Amend c. 235, RSNS 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 2, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 2156/968
[Up] Interprovincial Subpoena ActReg NoIssue
Designation of the Westray Mine Expl. Inquiry Comm. as a Court79/9610
Proclamation, S. 11, 1996, c. 178/9610
Witness Fees and Travelling Expenses Regulations80/9610
[Up] Labour Standards CodeReg NoIssue
General Regulations - Amendment154/9620
Minimum Wage Order Regulations: General, Logging & Forestry Operations and Road Building & Heavy Construction Industries89/9611
[Up] Land Surveyors ActReg NoIssue
Surveyor's Location Certificate Regulations85/9611
[Up] Liquor Control ActReg NoIssue
Liquor Commission Regulations - Amendment48/967
- Amendment70/969
[Up] Maintenance Enforcement ActReg NoIssue
Maintenance Enforcement Regulations40/967
[Up] Maintenance Orders Enforcement ActReg NoIssue
Reciprocating States (Poland)163/9622
[Up] Marketable Titles ActReg NoIssue
Notice of Claim Regulations119/9615
[Up] Meat Inspection ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 34, 1996, c. 6127/9616
[Up] Medical ActReg NoIssue
College of Physicians and Surgeons Registration Regulations141/9619
Electoral Districts Regulations97/9613
Proclamation, S. 86, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 1029/965
[Up] Medical Professional Corporations ActReg NoIssue
Medical Professional Corporations Regulations140/9619
Proclamation, S. 18, 1995-96, c. 1177/9610
[Up] Motor Carrier ActReg NoIssue
Board Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations and
Governor in Council Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations
- Amendment27/965
- Amendment64/969
- Amendment72/969
[Up] Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Driver's license expiry date92/9614
Driver Training Schools Regulations45/967
Winter Parking Regulations for various counties168/9625
[Up] Motor Vehicle Act, An Act to Amend c. 293, RSNS 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 5, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 2253/968
[Up] Municipal Affairs Act and Regulations ActReg NoIssue
Dispensation from publication of the reporting form
of the Statement of Estimates for towns, rural
municipalities and regional municipalities
Dispensation from publication of amendment to Manual
of Financial Accounting and Reporting Practices
[Up] Municipal Grants ActReg NoIssue
Standard expenditure per dwelling unit for 1996/9739/966
[Up] Natural Products ActReg NoIssue
Chicken Marketing Board Regulations - Amendment30/965
- Amendment88/9611
- Amendment146/9619
Egg and Pullet Producers Marketing Plan - Amendment31/965
Turkey Producers Marketing Board Regulations - Amendment107/9614
[Up] Nova Scotia Wildlife Federation and County or District Wildlife Associations, an Act to IncorporateReg NoIssue
Wildlife Federation By-laws55/968
[Up] Nursing Assistants ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 13, 1996, c. 9112/9615
[Up] Occupational Health and Safety ActReg NoIssue
General Blasting Regulations - Amendment1/961
Fall Protection and Scaffolding Regulations2/961
Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Regulations155/9620
[Up] Pension Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Pension Benefits Regulations - Amendment19/964
- Amendment93/9612
[Up] Planning ActReg NoIssue
Lunenburg County District Planning Commission - Amendment49/968
[Up] Police ActReg NoIssue
Police Act Regulations - Amendment8/963
[Up] Provincial Parks ActReg NoIssue
Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park - Amendment126/9616
Provincial Parks Regulations - Amendment47/967
- Amendment99/9613
Two Rivers Provincial Park - termination of status120/9615
[Up] Psychologists ActReg NoIssue
General Regulations - Amendment76/9610
[Up] Public Inquiries Act and Coal Mines Regulations ActReg NoIssue
Amendment to OIC 92-504 which established the Westray Mine Inquiry96/9613
[Up] Public Highways ActReg NoIssue
Spring Weight Restrictions18/964
- Amendment33/965
[Up] Public Service ActReg NoIssue
Early Retirement Incentive Program (1994-98) Regulations - Amendment59/968
- Amendment71/969
[Up] Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 26, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 1538/966
[Up] Regional Health Boards ActReg NoIssue
Eastern Regional Health Board Regulations162/9622
Indemnity agreement with members of regional health boards142/9619
Northern Regional Health Board Regulations162/9622
Regional Health Boards Regulations - Amendment67/969
Valley Health Services Association Regulations52/968
- Amendment162/9622
[Up] Regulations ActReg NoIssue
Extension of time for publication of N.S. Reg. 92/96111/9614
[Up] Regulations Act and Municipal Affairs ActReg NoIssue
Dispensation from publication of the reporting form
of the Statement of Estimates for towns, rural
municipalities and regional municipalities
Dispensation from publication of amendment to Manual
of Financial Accounting and Reporting Practices
[Up] Revenue ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 97, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 1762/969
Revenue Act Regulations63/969
- Amendment103/9614
- Amendment104/9614
- Amendment121/9616
- Amendment122/9616
- Amendment150/9620
- Amendment165/9623
- Amendment171/9625
[Up] Securities ActReg NoIssue
Securities Regulations - Amendment51/968
[Up] Social Assistance ActReg NoIssue
Municipal Assistance Regulations - Amendment106/9614
[Up] Summary Proceedings ActReg NoIssue
Summary Offence Tickets - Amendment36/966
- Amendment95/9613
- Amendment100/9613
- Amendment101/9613
- Amendment151/9620
[Up] Teachers' Pension ActReg NoIssue
NS Teachers' Early Retirement Program (1994-98) - Amendment65/969
[Up] Tobacco Access ActReg NoIssue
Tobacco Access Act Regulations9/963
[Up] Tourist Accommodation ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 20, S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 910/963
Tourist Accommodations Regulations11/963
[Up] Truro Golf Club ActReg NoIssue
- Amendment159/9622
[Up] Utility and Review Board ActReg NoIssue
Costs Rules131/9616
Revenue Act Appeal Rules74/9610
[Up] Weed Control ActReg NoIssue
Weed Control Regulations - Amendment139/9618
[Up] Wildlife ActReg NoIssue
Bear Harvesting Regulations - Amendment116/9615
Deer Farming and Marketing of Deer Products - Amendment145/9619
Deer Hunting Regulations - Amendment117/9615
Dog Hunting and Training Regulations - Amendment115/9615
Firearm and Bow Regulations - Amendment109/9614
Fur Buyers, Hide Dealers and Taxidermists Regulations - Amendment124/9616
Fur Harvesting Regulations - Amendment110/9614
Game Farming Regulations147/9619
General Wildlife Regulations - Amendment125/9616
Guide Regulations - Amendment118/9615
Liscomb Game Sanctuary Regulations113/9615
Moose Hunting Regulations - Amendment123/9616
Pheasant Shooting Preserve Regulations - Amendment108/9614
Shubenacadie Wildlife Sanctuary - Amendment98/9613
Tobeatic Wildlife Management Area Hunting Regulations - Amendment114/9615
[Up] Workers' Compensation ActReg NoIssue
Functional Restoration (Multi-Faceted Pain Services) Program57/968
Proclamation, Part III, S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 1026/964
Proclamation, S. 277, 1994-95, c. 10, S. 236(1)83/9610
Workers' Compensation Appeal Backlog Regulations84/9610
Workers' Compensation General Regulations22/964
- Amendment153/9620


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