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Annual Index for Volume 21 (1997)
(Nova Scotia Royal Gazette Part II)

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[Up] Adoption Information ActReg NoIssue
Adoption Information Regulations1/972
[Up] Agriculture and Marketing ActReg NoIssue
Grading, Packing, Marking, Inspection, Advertising and Sale of Eggs Regulations - Amendment70/9714
Nova Scotia Community Pastures Regulations85/9717
[Up] Agriculture and Rural Credit ActReg NoIssue
Farm Loan Board Regulations - Amendment44/9710
[Up] Animal Cruelty Prevention ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 25, S.N.S. 1996, c. 2210/974
[Up] Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActReg NoIssue
Floorcovering Installer Trade Regulations114/9719
General Regulations - Amendment112/9719
Trade Names Equivalency Regulations113/9719
[Up] Arts Council ActReg NoIssue
Endowment Fund Regulations117/9720
[Up] Bridgewater Curling Club (1996) ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 6, SNS 1996, c. 3990/9717
[Up] Building Code ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations38/979
[Up] Cape Breton Regional Municipality ActReg NoIssue
Utility and Review Board order: number of councillors153/9725
[Up] Chartered Accountants ActReg NoIssue
By-laws - Amendment150/9724
[Up] Children and Family Services ActReg NoIssue
Children and Family Services Regulations - Amendment2/972
Proclamation, S. 17, SNS 1996, c. 10108/9718
[Up] Community Colleges ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 99, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 43/972
[Up] Condominium ActReg NoIssue
Condominium Regulations - Amendment6/974
- Amendment77/9715
[Up] Condominium Act, An Act to Amend c. 85, RSNS 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 3, S.N.S. 1996, c. 335/974
[Up] Costs and Fees ActReg NoIssue
Fees and Allowances Regulations - Amendment130/9722
[Up] Court and Administrative Reform ActReg NoIssue
Labour Relations Board Orders Regulations31/978
Proclamation, S. 52, 1996, c. 2330/977
[Up] Crop and Livestock Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Arbitration Proceedings Regulations71/9714
Dairy Livestock Disease Insurance Plan - Amendment126/9721
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plans for Blueberries, Corn,
Forage Establishment, Peas & Beans, Potatoes, Soybeans, Spring Grain,
Strawberries, Trees, Tree Fruit and Winter Grain - Amendment
[Up] Dairy Commission ActReg NoIssue
Bulk Milk Haulage Rates (Schedule 7) - Amendment176/961
General Regulations (Schedule 1) - Amendment88/9717
- Amendment115/9719
- Amendment160/9726
Milk Production Regulations (Schedule 2) - Amendment18/975
Schedule of Milk Prices for Specified Areas (Schedule 9) - Amendment87/9717
- Amendment116/9719
- Amendment161/9726
Total Production Quota Regulations (Schedule 10) - Amendment86/9717
[Up] Deed Transfer Tax ActReg NoIssue
Deed Transfer Affidavit of Value Regulations107/9718
[Up] Dental ActReg NoIssue
Qualifications, Registration and Licensing of Dentists, Specialists'
Regulations, Code of Ethics Regulations, Dental Hygienists'
Regulations and Dental Assistants' Regulations - Amendments
[Up] Education ActReg NoIssue
Council on African-Canadian Education Remuneration and Expenses Regulations149/9724
Council on Mi'kmaq Education Remuneration and Expenses Regulations133/9722
Governor in Council Education Act Regulations74/9715
Ministerial Education Act Regulations80/9715
Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Orders:
--Annapolis Valley Regional School Board142/9722
--Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board140/9722
--Chignecto-Central Regional School Board141/9722
--Conseil scolaire acadien provincial145/9722
--Halifax Regional School Board144/9722
--Southwest Regional School Board143/9722
--Strait Regional School Board138/9722
[Up] Engineering Profession ActReg NoIssue
[Up] Environment ActReg NoIssue
Dangerous Goods Management Regulations - Amendment178/961
On-site Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations51/9712
PCB Management Regulations - Amendment163/9726
Used Oil Regulations - Amendment179/961
Water and Wastewater Facility Regulations - Amendment83/9716
Ministerial Orders
- Dale E. Watters and D&L Service Station Ltd.56/9713
- Greater Homes Construction Ltd. and Harbour Foundations Ltd.109/9718
- Greg Boucher Fuels Ltd.57/9713
- Lunenburg Municipal Industrial Commission76/9715
- Osprey Ridge Golf Course66/9713
Revocation of Ministerial Orders:
- Curragh Resources Ltd.55/9713
- Lohnes Brothers Ltd.183/962
- Lunenburg Municipal Industrial Commission120/9720
- Petro Canada19/975
[Up] Family Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Family Benefits Schedule "B" Regulations - Amendment17/975
[Up] Fisheries and Coastal Resources ActReg NoIssue
Fish Buyers Regulations52/9713
Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Regulations - Amendment42/9710
Proclamation, S. 129, S.N.S. 1996, c. 2520/976
[Up] Fisheries Development ActReg NoIssue
Loan Regulations - Amendment13/975
- Amendment28/977
[Up] Forests ActReg NoIssue
Forest Fire Protection Regulations - Amendment82/9716
[Up] Gaming Control ActReg NoIssue
Bingo Regulations - Amendment23/976
Casino Regulations - Amendment182/961
[Up] Gas Distribution ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 45, S.N.S. 1997, c. 4118/9720
[Up] General AssemblyReg NoIssue
[Up] Halifax Regional Municipality ActReg NoIssue
Utility and Review Board order: number of councillors and polling districts154/9725
[Up] Hospitals ActReg NoIssue
Hospitals Act Regulations - Amendment27/977
[Up] Income Tax ActReg NoIssue
ISO14000 Income Tax Credit Regulations39/979
[Up] Izaak Walton Killam-Grace Health Centre ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 23, S.N.S. 1996, c. 269/974
[Up] Labour Standards CodeReg NoIssue
Labour Standards Code Reciprocal Enforcement Regulations - Amendment164/9726
[Up] Land Surveyors ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Land Surveyors Regulations - Amendment41/9710
[Up] Licensed Practical Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations177/961
[Up] Liquor Control ActReg NoIssue
Liquor Commission Regulations - Amendment81/9716
Liquor License Board Regulations - Amendment24/976
- Amendment35/978
[Up] Maintenance Orders Enforcement ActReg NoIssue
Reciprocating State - Texas14/975
[Up] Marshland Reclamation ActReg NoIssue
Dentiballis Marsh Body Regulations46/9711
[Up] Medical ActReg NoIssue
College of Physicians and Surgeons Registration Regulations - Amendment146/9723
[Up] Mineral Resources ActReg NoIssue
Mineral Resources Regulations - Amendment12/975
[Up] Motor Carrier ActReg NoIssue
Board Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations - Amendment53/9713
Governor in Council Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations
- Amendment53/9713
- Amendment79/9715
[Up] Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Bicycle Helmet Regulations68/9714
Commercial Vehicle Carrier Profile and Compliance60/9713
- Amendment157/9726
Establishment of Registration Year63/9713
Fees for Documents and Services - Amendment59/9713
- Amendment65/9713
Prorated Registration Fees for Interprovincial Trucks61/9713
Reduction and Refund of Registration Fees - Amendment64/9713
Registration of Commercial Vehicles over 5001 kg62/9713
Standards of Vehicle Equipment Regulations - Amendment165/9726
Weights and Loads of Commercial Vehicles Regulations50/9712
Winter Parking Regulations155/9725
[Up] Motor Vehicle Act, An Act to Amend c. 293, RSNS, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 7, S.N.S. 1996, c. 3436/979
Proclamation, S. 25, S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 1249/9712
Proclamation, S. 2, S.N.S. 1996, c. 3567/9714
Proclamation, S. 4, S.N.S. 1997, c. 573/9715
[Up] Municipal Boundaries and Representation ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Orders:
--Argyle, District of136/9722
--Kentville, Town of139/9722
--Parrsboro, Town of137/9722
--Richmond, County of135/9722
--Windsor, Town of134/9722
[Up] Municipal Elections ActReg NoIssue
Municipal Elections Act Forms84/9716
[Up] Municipal Grants ActReg NoIssue
Standard Expenditure per Dwelling Unit for 1997/9837/979
[Up] Occupational Health and Safety ActReg NoIssue
Occupational Health and Safety Appeal Panel Regulations25/976
[Up] Pension Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Pension Benefits Act Regulations - Amendment89/9717
[Up] Personal Property Security ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 90, 1995-96, c. 13121/9721
Personal Property Security Act General Regulations129/9722
[Up] Pharmacy ActReg NoIssue
Pharmacy Act Regulations - Amendment128/9722
[Up] Physiotherapy ActReg NoIssue
College of Physiotherapists Regulations - Amendment127/9722
[Up] Pipeline ActReg NoIssue
Pipeline Benefits Plan Regulations151/9725
[Up] Planning ActReg NoIssue
Lunenburg County District Planning Commission - Amendment45/9711
Provincial Subdivision Regulations - Amendment54/9713
Order for extension of the time for the expiration of the zoning by-law:
- Municipality of the County of Cape Breton158/9726
- Municipality of the County of Halifax159/9726
[Up] Provincial Parks ActReg NoIssue
Lake George Provincial Park Designation4/973
Provincial Parks Regulations - Amendment69/9714
Thomas Raddall Provincial Park Designation75/9715
[Up] Public Highways ActReg NoIssue
Spring Weight Restrictions26/976
[Up] Public Service ActReg NoIssue
Early Retirement Incentive Program (1994-98) Regulations - Amendment29/977
[Up] Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 26, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 15180/961
[Up] Real Estate Trading ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 47, S.N.S. 1996, c. 287/974
Real Estate Recovery Fund Regulations8/974
Real Estate Trading Commission Regulations131/9722
[Up] Regional Community Development ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. l5, S.N.S. 1996, c. 2943/9710
[Up] Regional Health Boards ActReg NoIssue
Central Regional Health Board,
Eastern Regional Health Board - Amendment,
Northern Regional Health Board - Amendment,
Regional Health Boards Regulations - Amendment and
Western Regional Health Board - Amendment
[Up] Registered Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 63, S.N.S. 1996, c. 3015/975
Registered Nurses Regulations72/9714
[Up] Regulations ActReg NoIssue
Dispensation from publication of
- Reporting Form for Statement of Estimates for Nova Scotia Municipalities11/975
- amendments to the Manual of Financial Accounting and Reporting Practices for Nova Scotia Municipalities21/976
[Up] Residential Tenancies ActReg NoIssue
Residential Tenancies Regulations - Amendment132/9722
[Up] Revenue ActReg NoIssue
Revenue Act Regulations - Amendment32/978
- Amendment156/9726
[Up] Rural Fire District ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation (Little Dover), S. 17, 1989, c. 40622/976
[Up] Sales Tax ActReg NoIssue
Health Services Tax and Theatres and Amusement Taxes
Suspension Regulations
- Amendment110/9719
Sales Tax Act Regulations33/978
- Amendment58/9713
- Amendment162/9726
[Up] Social Assistance ActReg NoIssue
Municipal Assistance Regulations - Amendment16/975
[Up] Summary Proceedings ActReg NoIssue
Summary Offence Tickets - Amendment48/9711
- Amendment122/9721
- Amendment123/9721
- Amendment124/9721
- Amendment147/9723
[Up] Theatres and Amusements ActReg NoIssue
General Regulations - Amendment111/9719
[Up] Wildlife ActReg NoIssue
Bear Harvesting Regulations - Amendment105/9717
Chignecto Game Sanctuary Regulations - Amendment104/9717
Deer Hunting Regulations - Amendment125/9721
Deer Registration Station Regulations - Amendment103/9717
Dog Hunting and Training Regulations - Amendment102/9717
Firearm and Bow Regulations - Amendment101/9717
Fur Buyers, Hide Dealers and Taxidermists Regulations - Amendment100/9717
Fur Harvesting Regulations - Amendment99/9717
General Wildlife Regulations - Amendment98/9717
Guide Regulations - Amendment97/9717
Hunter Education, Safety and Training Regulations - Amendment96/9717
Liscomb Game Sanctuary Regulations - Amendment95/9717
Moose Hunting Regulations - Amendment94/9717
Outfitter Regulations - Repeal93/9717
Pheasant Shooting Hunting Preserves Regulations - Amendment92/9717
Small Game Hunting Regulations - Amendment91/9717
Tobeatic Wildlife Management Area Regulations - Amendment106/9717
[Up] Workers' Compensation ActReg NoIssue
Workers' Advisers Program Eligibility Regulations174/961
Workers' Advisers Program Transitional Regulations175/961
Workers' Compensation General Regulations - Amendment78/9715


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