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Annual Index for Volume 22 (1998)
(Nova Scotia Royal Gazette Part II)

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[Up] Adoption Information ActReg NoIssue
Adoption Information Regulations - Amendment45/9815
[Up] Agriculture and Marketing ActReg NoIssue
Commodity Group Designations and Levies Confirmation List Order77/9823
Commodity Group Designation and Levy Order - Strawberries61/9819
Commodity Group Designation and Levy Order - Strawberries - Revocation of N.S. Reg. 61/9690/9825
[Up] Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActReg NoIssue
Locksmith Trade Designation82/9823
[Up] Assessment ActReg NoIssue
Assessment Appeal Regulations49/9817
[Up] Barristers and Solicitors Act and Cape Breton Barristers' Society Act, An Act to AmendReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 11, S.N.S. 1995-96, c. 18, s. 8167/971
[Up] Beaches ActReg NoIssue
Johnstons Pond Beach 85/9824
[Up] Business Electronic Filing ActReg NoIssue
Joint Stock Companies Electronic Filing Regulations - Amendment169/971
[Up] Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation (Nova Scotia) ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Offshore Area Petroleum Installations Regulations166/971
[Up] Cape Breton Barristers' Society Act
[see under Barristers and Solicitors Act...An Act to Amend]
[Up] Chartered Accountants ActReg NoIssue
By-laws - Amendment89/9825
[Up] Children and Family Services ActReg NoIssue
Children and Family Services Regulations35/9811
[Up] Civil Service ActReg NoIssue
Car Kilometrage Rates and Monthly Allowances Regulations94/9826
Early Retirement Incentive Program Regulations, 1998-200041/9814
General Civil Service Regulations - Amendment40/9814
Long Term / Short Term Disability Regulations39/9814
[Up] Costs and Fees ActReg NoIssue
Fees and Allowances Regulations - Amendment69/9821
- Amendment81/9823
Fees to be Taken by a Commissioner of the Supreme Court - Amendment69/9821
[Up] Dairy Commission ActReg NoIssue
Bulk Milk Haulage Rates (Schedule 7) - Amendment14/986
- Amendment73/9821
General Regulations (Schedule 1) - Amendment2/983
- Amendment7/984
- Amendment38/9813
Schedule of Milk Prices for Specified Areas (Schedule 9)1/983
- Amendment6/984
- Amendment15/986
- Amendment48/9816
Specified Areas (Schedule 8) - Amendment4/983
- Amendment37/9813
Total Production Quotas (Schedule 10) - Amendment3/983
- Amendment91/9826
[Up] Day Care ActReg NoIssue
Day Care Regulations - Amendment19/986
[Up] Elections ActReg NoIssue
Remuneration authorization for election clerks who acted during the November 4, 1997 by-elections8/984
Tariff of Fees and Expenses - Amendment16/986
[Up] Environment ActReg NoIssue
Ministerial Orders:
- George B. El-Khawaja, A&H Trading Limited, Ahmad Alfadly and
Irving Oil Limited
- Harriet Irving and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation78/9823
- Rosedale Animal Feeds Limited 60/9818
Revocation of Ministerial Orders:
- Petro-Canada Inc., Bill's Service Station Limited and John Siteman; Joseph Kelsie, Pearl Kelsie, Blair G. Walker and County Trucking Limited; Armoyan Group Limited; Bokma Farms Limited and William Brown; Ronald G. Bell and Sylvia K. Bell21/987
- Dickson's Steeltown Enterprises Limited and Gerald R. Dickson22/987
[Up] Family Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Family Benefit Schedule "B" Regulations - Amendment75/9821
- Amendment80/9823
[Up] Family Court ActReg NoIssue
Family Court Jurisdiction Designation - Amendment29/9810
Family Court Rules - Amendment87/9825
[Up] Family Maintenance ActReg NoIssue
Child Maintenance Guidelines53/9818
[Up] Family Maintenance Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 160 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, s. 15, S.N.S. 1997, c.363/9819
[Up] Fisheries and Coastal Resources ActReg NoIssue
Fisheries and Aquaculture Loans Regulations - Amendment28/9810
- Amendment33/9810
- Amendment43/9814
[Up] Forests ActReg NoIssue
Registration and Statistical Returns Regulations5/983
[Up] Gaming Control ActReg NoIssue
Casino Regulations - Amendment168/971
- Amendment76/9822
Sydney Casino Profits Charities Trust Fund Regulations17/986
Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation Regulations26/9810
[Up] Gas Distribution ActReg NoIssue
Board Gas Distribution Regulations (Nova Scotia)93/9826
Gas Distribution Regulations (Nova Scotia)86/9825
[Up] Health Services and Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Hospital and Medical Services Program for International Students Employed as Teaching or Research Assistants Regulations92/9826
Pharmacare Tariff Regulations83/9824
[Up] Hospitals ActReg NoIssue
Hospitals Act Regulations - Amendment18/986
[Up] Imitation Dairy Products ActReg NoIssue
Imitation Dairy Products Regulations - Amendment88/9825
[Up] Income Tax ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Child Benefit Regulations62/9819
[Up] Libraries ActReg NoIssue
Libraries Act Funding Regulations70/9821
[Up] Licensed Practical Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations - Amendment12/985
[Up] Liquor Control ActReg NoIssue
Liquor License Board Regulations - Amendment72/9821
[Up] Livestock Health Services ActReg NoIssue
Livestock Health Services Regulations36/9812
[Up] Maintenance Orders Enforcement ActReg NoIssue
Reciprocal States - Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, the District of Columbia, and the US Territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands68/9821
[Up] Medical ActReg NoIssue
College of Physicians and Surgeons Registration Regulations - Amendment54/9818
[Up] Medical Professional Corporations ActReg NoIssue
Medical Professional Corporations Regulations - Amendment56/9818
[Up] Motor Carrier ActReg NoIssue
Board Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations - Amendment13/985
Governor in Council Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations - Amendment13/985
[Up] Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Commercial Farmers' and Fishermen's Trucks Registration Fees Regulations - Amendment10/984
Revocation of Ministerial Order (N.S. Reg. 252/86) re pavement markings64/9819
Traffic Signs Regulations65/9819
Winter Parking Regulations84/9824
[Up] Municipal Affairs ActReg NoIssue
Manual of Financial and Reporting Practices for Municipalities in Nova Scotia - Amendment20/987
Dispensation from publication of reporting form respecting Statement of Estimates for towns, rural municipalities and regional municipalities in Nova Scotia27/9810
[Up] Municipal Boundaries and Representation ActReg NoIssue
Order for dissolution of ward boundaries and election of councillors - Town of Springhill47/9816
[Up] Natural Products ActReg NoIssue
Chicken Marketing Plan - Amendment71/9821
[Up] Pipeline ActReg NoIssue
Land Acquisition Regulations67/9820
Pipeline Regulations (Nova Scotia)66/9820
[Up] Planning ActReg NoIssue
Order amending and consolidating Ministerial Orders with respect to the Annapolis District Planning Commission25/989
Order dissolving Cumberland District Planning Commission24/988
[Up] Provincial Parks ActReg NoIssue
Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Designation51/9817
Provincial Parks Regulations - Amendment52/9817
[Up] Psychologists ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology Regulations - Amendment55/9818
[Up] Public Highways ActReg NoIssue
Spring Weight Restrictions23/987
[Up] Public Service ActReg NoIssue
Regulations Respecting Designation of a Class of Persons for the Purposes of Eligibility for Early Retirement46/9815
[Up] Public Service Superannuation ActReg NoIssue
Cost of Living Regulations - Amendment59/9818
[Up] Revenue ActReg NoIssue
Revenue Act Regulations - Amendment9/984
- Amendment32/9810
- Amendment42/9814
[Up] Rural Fire District ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 17, R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 40634/9810
[Up] Sales Tax ActReg NoIssue
Sales Tax Act Regulations - Amendment58/9818
[Up] Securities ActReg NoIssue
Community Economic-Development Corporations Regulations79/9823
[Up] Small Claims Court ActReg NoIssue
Small Claims Court Act Regulations - Amendment11/985
[Up] Social Assistance ActReg NoIssue
Municipal Assistance Regulations - Amendment74/9821
[Up] Summary Proceedings ActReg NoIssue
Summary Offence Tickets - Amendment30/9810
- Amendment31/9810
- Amendment44/9815
[Up] Teachers' Pension ActReg NoIssue
Regulations authorizing N.S. Teachers' Pension Board to enter into reciprocal agreement with British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec50/9817
[Up] Wildlife ActReg NoIssue
Firearm and Bow Regulations - Amendment57/9818
Fur Harvesting Regulations - Amendment57/9818


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