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Annual Index for Volume 26 (2002)
(Nova Scotia Royal Gazette Part II)

Indexed by first letter of Act:


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[Up] Agriculture and Marketing ActReg NoIssue
Hatchery and Flock Approval Policy Regulations - repeal141/200224
Improvement of Livestock Breeding Regulations - repeal141/2002 24
Prevention and Control of Apple Maggot Regulations107/200218
[Up] Agriculture and Marketing Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 6 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 7, S.N.S. 2001, c. 3971/200212
[Up] Amusement Devices Safety ActReg NoIssue
Amusement Devices Safety Regulations - amendment45/20027
[Up] Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActReg NoIssue
Boilermaker Trade Regulations - amendment83/200213
[Up] Assessment ActReg NoIssue
Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Assessment Regulations103/200217
[Up] Business Electronic Filing ActReg NoIssue
Business Registry Regulations - amendment145/200225
[Up] Canadian Information Processing Society of Nova Scotia ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 17, S.N.S. 2002, c. 3130/200222
[Up] Children and Family Services ActReg NoIssue
Children and Family Services Regulations - amendment82/200213
[Up] Civil Service ActReg NoIssue
Car Kilometrage Rates and Monthly Allowances Regulations63/200212
Civil Service General Regulations - amendment30/20027
- amendment89/200215
- amendment*
(*reprinted in Issue 18 dated September 6, 2002, to correct printing error in original publication)
[Up] Conservation Easements ActReg NoIssue
Designation of Eligible Bodies Regulations12/20024
Proclamation, S. 18, S.N.S. 2001, c. 2811/20023
[Up] Consumer Protection ActReg NoIssue
Internet Sales Contract Regulations91/200215
[Up] Co-operative Associations ActReg NoIssue
Co-operative Associations Regulations - amendment136/200223
[Up] Co-operative Associations Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 98
of the Revised Statutes, 1989
Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 28, S.N.S. 2001, c. 41135/200223
[Up] Cosmetology Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 5 of the Acts of 1995-96Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 8, S.N.S. 2002, c. 16138/200223
[Up] Costs and Fees ActReg NoIssue
Fees and Allowances Regulations - amendment33/20027
- amendment120/200221
Fees of Justice of the Peace - amendment120/200221
Fees to be Taken by an Administrative Justice of the Peace - amendment120/200221
Fees to be Taken by a Commissioner of the Supreme Court Regulations - amendment33/20027
Fees to be Taken at the Department of Justice Regulations - amendment33/20027
[Up] Crop and Livestock Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Crop and Livestock Insurance Forms Regulations - amendment114/200220
Crop Insurance Plan for Blueberries134/200223
Crop Insurance Plan for Corn134/200223
Crop Insurance Plan for Potatoes114/200220
Crop Insurance Plan for Winter Grain134/200223
Dairy Livestock Insurance Plan114/200220
[Up] Dairy Industry ActReg NoIssue
Milk Pricing Regulations61/200210
- amendment16/20024
Producer and Distributor Licence Fees Regulations86/200214
Total Production Quota Regulations - amendment128/200222
[Up] Dangerous Goods Transportation ActReg NoIssue
Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations - amendment105/200218
[Up] Dental ActReg NoIssue
Dental Assistants Regulations - amendment3/20022
Dental Hygienists Regulations - amendment3/20022
Discipline Regulations3/20022
Qualifications - Registration and Licensing of Dentists Regulations - amendment3/20022
Specialists Regulations - amendment3/20022
- amendment129/200222
[Up] Education ActReg NoIssue
Governor in Council Education Act Regulations - amendment56/20028
- amendment102/200217
[Up] Elevators and Lifts ActReg NoIssue
Elevators and Lifts General Regulations - amendment46/20027
[Up] Endangered Species ActReg NoIssue
Species at Risk List Regulations - amendment119/200221
[Up] Environment ActReg NoIssue
Dangerous Goods Management Regulations - amendment23/20026
Designation of Shubenacadie Watershed Area - amendment62/200211
On-site Services Advisory Board Regulations149/200226
Petroleum Management Regulations44/20027
Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations - amendment24/20026
Well Construction Regulations - amendment149/200226
Ministerial Orders:
 Evelyn Bessie Alders and Joanne Edith Fry
 Balwant Rai Batra and Geeta Batra
 James Earl Bouchie
 The Britex Group Limited, Britex Narrow Fabrics Limited, Britex Wide Fabrics Limited, Malcolm Inglis, Sanford L. Archibald, Ian Archibald and Edwin Logan
 Greater Homes Inc. and Saeid Saberi
 Mid Valley Construction (1997) Limited, Craig Parsons, John Parsons, Bruce Parsons, Raymond Parsons and Michael Yahnke
 Northridge Farms N.S. Ltd., Eric A. Horsnell, Dorothy D. Horsnell and Dwight A. Horsnell
 Preston C & D Recycling Incorporated, Sherry Willis and Ivan Willis
Ministerial Revocation Orders:
 Cape Breton Development Corporation
 3010526 Nova Scotia Limited and Suzanne Kushner
[Up] Equity Tax Credit ActReg NoIssue
Equity Tax Credit Regulations - amendment88/200215
[Up] Farm Practices ActReg NoIssue
Farm Practices Board Regulations - amendment153/20011
[Up] Farm Registration ActReg NoIssue
Farm Registration Regulations - amendment21/20026
[Up] Ferries ActReg NoIssue
Ferriage Charges Regulations32/20027
- amendment113/200220
[Up] Fisheries and Coastal Resources ActReg NoIssue
Fish Inspection Regulations - amendment47/20027
[Up] Fisheries Organizations Support ActReg NoIssue
Fisheries Organizations Support Act Regulations - amendment152/20011
[Up] Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ActReg NoIssue
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulations - amendment52/20028
- amendment101/200217
- amendment117/200220
[Up] Gaming Control ActReg NoIssue
Bingo Regulations - amendment7/20022
Bingo Suppliers Regulations - amendment8/20022
Casino Regulations - amendment9/20022
- amendment143/200225
Ticket Lottery Regulations - amendment6/20022
Video Lottery Regulations - amendment13/20024
[Up] Gas Distribution ActReg NoIssue
Board Gas Distribution Regulations (Nova Scotia)85/200213
Gas Distribution Regulations (Nova Scotia) - amendment72/200212
[Up] Guardianship ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 26, S.N.S. 2002, c. 8111/200219
[Up] Gypsum Mining Income Tax ActReg NoIssue
Calculation of Income Regulations54/20028
[Up] Halifax Regional Municipality Marketing Levy ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 4, S.N.S. 2001, c. 5149/20027
[Up] Health Authorities ActReg NoIssue
District Health Authorities General Regulations - amendment112/200219
Replacement of Medical Staff By-laws (Capital District Health Authority) Regulations64/200212
[Up] Health Services and Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Ambulance Fee Regulations133/200223
Insured Dental Services Tariff Regulations - amendment55/20028
- amendment109/200218
- amendment126/200221
Insured Optometric Services Tariff Regulations68/200212
Seniors' Pharmacare Program Regulations - amendment18/20025
[Up] Human Rights ActReg NoIssue
Human Rights Commission Delegation of Powers Regulations - repeal1/20021
[Up] Income Tax ActReg NoIssue
Film Industry Tax Credit Regulations - amendment26/20026
Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit Regulations - amendment110/200219
New Small Business Regulations87/200215
[Up] Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Licensing of Insurers Regulations - amendment14/20024
[Up] Justices of the Peace ActReg NoIssue
Justices of the Peace Regulations51/20027
[Up] Labour Standards CodeReg NoIssue
Declaration of Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador for Reciprocal Enforcement127/200221
General Labour Standards Code Regulations - amendment131/200223
Minimum Wage Orders:
General - amendment78/200213
Road Building and Heavy Construction Industry - amendment78/200213
Logging and Forest Operations - amendment78/200213
[Up] Licensed Practical Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations80/200213
Proclamation, S. 73, S.N.S. 2001, c. 779/200213
[Up] Liquor Control ActReg NoIssue
Liquor Licensing Regulations - amendment5/20022
[Up] Livestock Health Services ActReg NoIssue
Designation of Livestock for Farming Purposes132/200223
[Up] Lobbyists' Registration ActReg NoIssue
Lobbyists' Registration Regulations116/200220
Proclamation - S. 20, S.N.S. 2001, c. 34 - except S. 2(1)(f)(iv) and S. 5(6)115/200220
[Up] Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Documents and Services Fees - amendment34/20027
- amendment123/200221
Extension of Expiry Date for Registration of Commercial Vehicles Weighing 5001 kg or More65/200212
Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations - amendment40/20027
Prorated Registration Fees for Inter-jurisdictional Commercial Trucks Regulations - amendment37/20027
- amendment124/200221
Registration Fees for Campers Regulations - amendment39/20027
Registration Fees for Commercial Vehicles Regulations - amendment36/20027
- amendment125/200221
Registration Fees for Passenger Motor Vehicles Regulations - amendment35/20027
Registration Fees for Trailers Regulations38/20027
Registration Fees for Vehicles of Non-Profit, Charitable and Religious Organizations Regulations84/200213
Restricted Vehicles Identification and Proof of Registration Regulations - amendment41/20027
- amendment [Note: effective with this amendment, regulations are now referred to as
"Restricted Vehicles - Identification and Registration Regulations"]
Traffic Control Signals Regulations - amendment74/200213
Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles Regulations - amendment140/200224
Weights and Loads of Commercial Vehicles Regulations - amendment140/200224
Winter Parking Regulations142/200224
[Up] Motor Vehicle Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 13, S.N.S. 2002, c. 20 - S. 1, 2 and 5-11121/200221
[Up] Motor Vehicle Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, and Chapter 371 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Public Highways ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 12, S.N.S. 2001, c. 44 - S. 1, 4 and 6- 1048/20027
Proclamation, S. 12, S.N.S. 2001, c. 44 - S. 2, 3, 5 and 11108/200218
[Up] Municipal Government ActReg NoIssue
Determination of Boundaries Order:   Town of Amherst and Municipality of the County of Cumberland58/20029
[Up] Municipal Grants ActReg NoIssue
Standard Expenditure Per Dwelling Unit (2002-2003) Regulations66/200212
[Up] Municipal Law Amendment (2001) ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 32, S.N.S. 2001, c. 35 - S. 3127/20026
[Up] Natural Products ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Chicken Marketing Plan - amendment22/20026
Nova Scotia Potato Marketing Plan - amendment118/200220
[Up] Off-highway Vehicles ActReg NoIssue
Prescribed Fees Regulations - amendment42/20027
[Up] Optometry ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Association of Optometrists By-laws - amendment4/20022
[Up] Pipeline ActReg NoIssue
Pipeline Regulations (Nova Scotia) - amendment67/200212
[Up] Private Career Colleges Regulation ActReg NoIssue
Private Career Colleges General Regulations - amendment106/200218
[Up] Provincial Finance ActReg NoIssue
Government Service Organization and Government Business Enterprise Designations Regulations20/20026
[Up] Provincial Parks ActReg NoIssue
McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park Designation137/200223
[Up] Psychologists ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 54, S.N.S. 2000, c. 3269/200212
Psychologists Regulations70/200212
[Up] Public Highways Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 371 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, and Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 12, S.N.S. 2001, c. 44 - S. 1, 4 and 6-1048/20027
Proclamation, S. 12, S.N.S. 2001, c. 44 - S. 2, 3, 5 and 11108/200218
[Up] Public Service ActReg NoIssue
Early Retirement Eligibility Designation and Regulations - amendment81/200213
[Up] Registered Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 61, S.N.S. 2001, c. 10154/20011
Registered Nurses Regulations155/20011
[Up] Revenue ActReg NoIssue
Revenue Act Regulations - amendment29/20027
- amendment53/20028
- amendment151/200226
[Up] Senior Citizens' Financial Aid ActReg NoIssue
Senior Citizens' Financial Aid Regulations - amendment90/200215
[Up] Smoke-free Places ActReg NoIssue
Smoke-free Places Regulations144/200225
[Up] Solemnization of Marriage ActReg NoIssue
Solemnization of Marriage Fee Regulations - amendment33/20027
[Up] Summary Proceedings ActReg NoIssue
Summary Offence Tickets Regulations - amendment15/20024
- amendment50/20027
- amendment152/200226
[Up] Summary Proceedings Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 450 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 4, S.N.S. 1994-95, c. 18 - S. 357/20029
[Up] Teachers' Collective Bargaining ActReg NoIssue
Designation of Matters for Bargaining Between Minister of Education and Union59/200210
[Up] Teachers' Pension ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Teachers' Early Retirement Program (1994-98) Regulations - amendment60/200210
Teachers' Pension Plan Regulations - amendment25/20026
- amendment139/200224
[Up] Theatres and Amusements ActReg NoIssue
Theatres and Amusements Regulations - amendment28/20026
- amendment104/200217
[Up] Trade Union ActReg NoIssue
Trade Union Act Definition Regulations - amendment73/200212
[Up] Transportation Amendments (2001) ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 48, S.N.S. 2001, c. 12 - S. 2-5, 10, 11 and 13-1531/20027
[Up] Underground Hydrocarbons Storage ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 35, S.N.S. 2001, c. 37147/200226
Underground Hydrocarbons Storage Regulations148/200226
[Up] Vital Statistics ActReg NoIssue
Fees for Searches and Transactions Regulations - amendment43/20027
[Up] Vital Statistics Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 494 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 4, S.N.S. 2001, c. 4517/20024
[Up] Wildlife ActReg NoIssue
Firearm and Bow Regulations - amendment75/200213
Fur Harvesting Regulations - amendment77/200213
Moose Hunting Regulations - amendment76/200213
[Up] Wildlife Act, An Act to Recognize Heritage, Angling, Hunting and Trapping and to Amend Chapter 504 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 13, S.N.S. 2001, c. 4610/20023
[Up] Workers' Compensation ActReg NoIssue
Workers' Compensation General Regulations - amendment2/20021
- amendment146/200225
Workers' Compensation Supplementary Benefit Regulations - repeal146/200225


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