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Annual Index for Volume 27 (2003)
(Nova Scotia Royal Gazette Part II)

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[Up] Advisory Council on the Status of Women ActReg NoIssue
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Regulations177/200321
[Up] Agricultural Marshland Conservation ActReg NoIssue
Certificate of Incorporation Form Regulations124/200313
Masstown Marsh Body Land Use Regulations161/200319
Non-Agricultural Use Land Exemption Regulations31/20034
Victoria Diamond Jubilee Marsh Body Land Use Regulations162/200319
[Up] Agriculture and Marketing ActReg NoIssue
Commodity Group Levy Order - Nova Scotia Cattlemen's Association26/20034
[Up] Agriculture and Rural Credit ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board Regulations - amendment161/20021
[Up] Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications ActReg NoIssue
Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act General Regulations129/200313
Proclamation, S. 32, S.N.S. 2003, c. 1, effective July 1, 2003128/200313
[Up] Atlantic Blue Cross Care Inc. ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 12, S.N.S. 2002, c. 26, effective January 1, 2003158/20021
[Up] Boxing Authority ActReg NoIssue
Boxing Authority Regulations - replaces previous regulations155/20021
[Up] Building Code ActReg NoIssue
Building Code Regulations - replaces previous regulations209/200325
[Up] Business Electronic Filing ActReg NoIssue
Business Registry Regulations - amendment170/200320
[Up] Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation (Nova Scotia) ActReg NoIssue
Nova Scotia Offshore Area Certificate of Fitness Regulations - amendment112/200312
[Up] Chartered Accountants ActReg NoIssue
Chartered Accountants By-laws - amendment173/200321
[Up] Children and Family Services ActReg NoIssue
Children and Family Services Regulations - amendment109/200311
- amendment160/200319
- amendment208/200325
Proclamation, S. 109(2), S.N.S. 1990, c. 5 - s. 54-60207/200325
[Up] Civil Service ActReg NoIssue
Civil Service General Regulations134/200315
[Up] Cosmetology Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 5 of the Acts of 1995-96Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 11, S.N.S. 2003, c. 10 - S. 29B(b) of the Cosmetology Act as enacted by S. 9, S.N.S. 2003, c. 10, effective June 20, 2003123/200313
[Up] Costs and Fees ActReg NoIssue
Fees and Allowances Regulations (Schedule "A" - Registrar of Deeds Fees) - amendment157/20021
[Up] Crop and Livestock Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Crop Insurance Plan for Blueberries - amendment58/20037
Crop Insurance Plan for Corn - amendment59/20037
Crop Insurance Plan for Potatoes - amendment63/20037
Crop Insurance Plan for Soybeans51/20036
- amendment64/20037
Crop Insurance Plan for Spring Grain50/20036
- amendment65/20037
Crop Insurance Plan for Winter Grain - amendment69/20037
- amendment190/200323
The Nova Scotia Crop Insurance Plan for Tree Fruit121/200313
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Forage - amendment32/20034
- amendment60/20037
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Forage Production— amendment33/20034
- amendment61/20037
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Peas and Beans - amendment34/20034
- amendment62/20037
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Raspberries - amendment35/20034
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Soybeans - amendment36/20034
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Spring Grain - amendment37/20034
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Strawberries - amendment38/20034
- amendment66/20037
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Tree Fruit - amendment39/20034
- amendment67/20037
The Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Tree Insurance - amendment40/20034
Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Plan for Vegetables - amendment41/20034
- amendment68/20037
[Up] Dairy Industry ActReg NoIssue
Advisory Committee Regulations - amendment22/20034
Bulk Haulage Rates10/20033
Bulk Haulage Regulations23/20034
- amendment24/20034
- amendment25/20034
- amendment110/200311
- amendment147/200316
Contracted Exports of Dairy Products Regulations - repeal30/20034
Dairy Farmers of Nova Scotia By-laws - amendment130/200314
Dairy Protein Content Regulations3/20032
Fluid Dairy Pricing Regulations95/20038
Fluid Milk Pricing Regulations49/20036
Interprovincial Milk Quota Regulations4/20032
Milk Pricing Regulations - amendment15/20033
- amendment16/20033
Milk Producer Licensing Regulations204/200325
Schedule 1 - General Regulations - amendment94/20038
Total Production Quota Regulations - amendment17/20033
- amendment148/200316
[Up] Denturists ActReg NoIssue
Denturusts Regulations136/200315
Proclamation, S. 78, S.N.S. 2000, c. 25135/200315
[Up] Direct Sellers Regulation ActReg NoIssue
Direct Sellers Regulations - amendment122/200313
[Up] Dispensing Opticians ActReg NoIssue
Dispensing Opticians Regulations - amendment145/200316
[Up] Domestic Violence Intervention ActReg NoIssue
Domestic Violence Intervention Regulations75/20037
Proclamation, S. 22, S.N.S. 2001, c. 29, effective April 1, 200374/20037
[Up] Education ActReg NoIssue
Governor in Council Education Act Regulations - amendment154/20021
- amendment6/20032
- amendment189/200323
- amendment198/200324
Ministerial Education Act Regulations - amendment156/200318
- amendment187/200323
- amendment188/200323
[Up] Elections ActReg NoIssue
Tariff of Fees and Expenses105/200310
[Up] Electrical Installation and Inspection ActReg NoIssue
Electrical Code Regulations - amendment174/200321
[Up] Elevators and Lifts ActReg NoIssue
Elevators and Lifts General Regulations46/20035
Proclamation, S. 25, S.N.S. 2002, c. 4, effective February 28, 200345/20035
[Up] Emergency Measures ActReg NoIssue
Civil Emergency Planning Regulations - amendment82/20037
[Up] Employment Support and Income Assistance ActReg NoIssue
Exemption of $155 Taxpayer Refund from Chargeable Income Regulations113/200312
[Up] Endangered Species ActReg NoIssue
Species-at-Risk List Regulations - amendment186/200323
[Up] Engineering Profession ActReg NoIssue
By-laws of the Association of Professional Engineers - amendment178/200322
[Up] Environment ActReg NoIssue
Bennery Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Designation210/200325
Bennery Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Regulations211/200325
Environmental Assessment Regulations - amendment44/20035
Forbes Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Designation106/200311
Forbes Lake Watershed Protected Water Area Regulations107/200311
Ministerial Orders:
John William Cameron14/20033
Mid Valley Construction (1997) Limited, Craig Parsons, John Parsons, Bruce Parsons,
Raymond Parsons and Michael Yahnke - amendment
Peter Norman Richards12/20033
Garry E. Usher42/20035
Ministerial Revocation Orders:
2203696 Nova Scotia Limited, Sullivan Brothers Fuels Limited and Allen E. Sullivan11/20033
Frank F. Tibbetts, Tibbetts Paints Limited and Goodman Associates Incorporated29/20034
[Up] Equity Tax Credit ActReg NoIssue
Equity Tax Credit Regulations - amendment141/200316
[Up] Family Court ActReg NoIssue
Regulations Respecting Part-time Judges of the Family Court - amendment166/200320
[Up] Fatality Investigations ActReg NoIssue
Fatality Investigations Regulations81/20037
Proclamation, S. 47, S.N.S. 2001, c. 31, effective April 4, 200380/20037
[Up] Financial Measures (2002) ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 61(12), S.N.S. 2002, c. 5 - S. 24-26, effective July 1, 2003126/200313
[Up] Firefighters' Compensation ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 3, S.N.S. 2003, c. 5, effective July 30, 2003139/200316
[Up] Fire Prevention ActReg NoIssue
Fuel Safety Regulations - amendment165/20021
[Up] Fire Safety ActReg NoIssue
Fire Safety Regulations48/20035
Proclamation, S. 59, S.N.S. 2002, c. 6, effective February 28, 2003 - all except S. 19(1)(b) and 19(2); and May 1, 2003 - S. 19(1)(b) and 19(2)47/20035
[Up] Forests ActReg NoIssue
Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations - amendment166/20021
[Up] Gas Distribution ActReg NoIssue
Board Gas Marketers Regulations138/200316
[Up] Geoscience Profession ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 36, S.N.S. 2002, c. 7, effective March 14, 200352/20036
[Up] General AssemblyReg NoIssue
Proclamation, Dissolution of General Assembly and fixing of date for Writs of Election133/20037
Proclamation, Appoints Time and Place of General Assembly158/200317
[Up] German Settlers Day ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 3, S.N.S. 2001, c. 32, effective June 7, 2003114/200312
[Up] Health ActReg NoIssue
Bakeries and the Manufacture of Bakery Products (City of Halifax) Regulations175/200321
Communicable Diseases Regulations - amendment79/20037
[Up] Health Authorities ActReg NoIssue
District Health Authority Voting Members Regulations131/200314
Replacement of Corporate By-laws (Capital District Health Authority) Regulations176/200321
[Up] Health Services and Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Prosthetic Devices Tariffs Regulations - amendment8/20032
— amendment104/200310
Seniors' Pharmacare Program Regulations - amendment28/20034
Third Party Liability Claims Regulations127/200313
[Up] Highway 104 Western Alignment ActReg NoIssue
Highway 104 Western Alignment Regulations - amendment86/20038
[Up] Hospitals ActReg NoIssue
Hospitals Act Designations212/200325
Hospitals Act Designations - District Health Authorities213/200325
[Up] Insurance ActReg NoIssue
Automobile Insurance Contract Mandatory Conditions Regulations181/200322
- amendment197/200324
Automobile Insurance Prohibited Risk-Classification Factors Regulations183/200322
Automobile Insurance Tort Recovery Limitation Regulations182/200322
- amendment196/200324
Automobile Insurance Underwriting Practices Regulations125/200313
Insurance Agents Licensing Regulations - amendment27/20034
— amendment172/200321
Nova Scotia Insurance Review Board Regulations180/200322
[Up] Interjurisdictional Support Orders ActReg NoIssue
Interjurisdictional Support Orders Regulations73/20037
Proclamation, S. 54 and 55, S.N.S. 2002, c. 9, effective March 31, 200372/20037
[Up] Interpretation ActReg NoIssue
Amendment to O.I.C. 2003-348 (Exemption from Act of IWK-Grace Health Centre and Qualification and Professional Accountability Regulations made under the Pharmacy Act)155/200316
[Up] Justice Administration Amendment (2002) ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 50, S.N.S. 2002, c. 10 - S. 23-37, 39-40, 41(b)-(c) and 42-43, effective February 1, 200319/20033
[Up] Labour Standards CodeReg NoIssue
General Labour Standards Regulations - amendment200/2003SI
Minimum Wage Order (Construction and Property Maintenance)202/2003SI
Minimum Wage Order (General)88/20038
- amendment201/2003SI
Minimum Wage Order (Road Building and Heavy Construction Industry)89/20038
- repeal202/2003SI
Minimum Wage Order (Logging and Forest Operations)90/20038
[Up] Land Registration ActReg NoIssue
Land Registration Administration Regulations53/20036
Land Registration Administration Regulations171/200320
Land Registration General Regulations157/20021
- amendment154/200316
- amendment157/200317
Proclamation, S. 128(1), S.N.S. 2001, c. 6, effective March 24, 2003, except S. 21(4), 31(4), 39 and 119(3)156/20021
[Up] Licenses Practical Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations amendment169/200320
[Up] Legal Aid ActReg NoIssue
Legal Aid General Regulations and Tariff of Fees amendment142/200316
[Up] Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 8 of the Acts of 1993Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 5, S.N.S. 2002, c. 35, effective March 1, 200343/20035
[Up] Marshland Reclamation ActReg NoIssue
Dugau/Ryerson Marsh Body Land Use Regulations77/20037
[Up] Medical Laboratory Technology ActReg NoIssue
Medical Laboratory Technologists Registration Regulations168/200320
Proclamation, S. 80, S.N.S. 2000, c. 8, effective January 1, 2004167/200320
[Up] Members and Public Employees Disclosure ActReg NoIssue
Political Contributions Disclosure Regulations5/20032
[Up] Motor Carrier ActReg NoIssue
Board Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations - amendment153/20021
Governor in Council Public Passenger Motor Carrier Act Regulations - amendment153/20021
Motor Carrier Fees Regulations153/20021
Schedule of Fees Payable by Motor Carriers - repeal153/20021
[Up] Motor Vehicle ActReg NoIssue
Conservation Number Plates Regulations54/20036
Documents and Services Fees Regulations - amendment163/20021
- amendment55/20036
- amendment120/200312
Helmet Regulations99/20039
Partial Year Registration Fees for Commercial Vehicles over 5001 kg Regulations - repeal116/200312
Registration Fees for Campers Regulations - amendment117/200312
Registration Fees for Commercial Vehicles Regulations - amendment118/200312
Registration Fees for Trailers Regulations - amendment119/200312
Winter Parking Regulations194/200323
Veterans' Number Plates Regulations163/20021
[Up] Motor Vehicle Act, An Act to Amend Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes, 1989Reg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 13, S.N.S. 2002, c. 20 - S. 3, effective May 1, 200398/20039
[Up] Municipal Elections ActReg NoIssue
Municipal Elections Act Forms - amendment1/20032
- amendment137/200316
[Up] Municipal Government ActReg NoIssue
Provincial Subdivision Regulations - amendment111/200312
Registration of Groups of Electors Regulations2/20032
[Up] Municipal Grants ActReg NoIssue
Standard Expenditure Per Dwelling Unit (2003-2004) Regulations56/20037
[Up] Natural Products ActReg NoIssue
Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia Regulations - amendment7/20032
NS Egg Producers Levy Order No. 32214/200325
[Up] Occupational Health and Safety ActReg NoIssue
General Blasting Regulations - amendment150/200316
Occupational Safety General Regulations - amendment151/200316
Occupational Health Regulations (made under the Coal Mines Regulation Act) - repeal, and Occupational Health Regulations (made under the Metalliferous Mines and Quarries Act) - repeal152/200316
Underground Mining Regulations - amendment153/200316
[Up] Occupational Therapists ActReg NoIssue
College of Occupational Therapists of Nova Scotia Defined Register Regulations163/200320
[Up] Pension Benefits ActReg NoIssue
Pension Benefits Regulations - replaces previous regulations164/20021
[Up] Pharmacy ActReg NoIssue
Drug Schedules Regulations164/200320
Exemption from Act of IWK-Grace Health Centre - repeal143/200316
Practice of Pharmacy Regulations193/200323
Qualification and Professional Accountability Regulations144/200316
[Up] Police ActReg NoIssue
Police Regulations - amendment159/200319
[Up] Provincial Court ActReg NoIssue
Regulations Respecting Part-time Judges of the Provincial Court - amendment165/200320
[Up] Provincial Finance ActReg NoIssue
Designation of Species-at-Risk Conservation Fund as Special Fund96/20038
Government Service Organization and Government Business Enterprise Designations Regulations - amendment21/20033
[Up] Public Accountants ActReg NoIssue
Public Accountants' Licensing Regulations - amendment199/200324
[Up] Public Service ActReg NoIssue
Early Retirement Eligibility Designation and Regulations - amendment146/200316
[Up] Registered Nurses ActReg NoIssue
Registered Nurses Regulations - amendment179/200322
[Up] Residential Tenancies ActReg NoIssue
Residential Tenancies Regulations - amendment20/20033
[Up] Revenue ActReg NoIssue
Revenue Act Regulations - amendment91/20038
[Up] Small Claims Court ActReg NoIssue
Small Claims Court Forms and Procedures Regulations - amendment132/200314
Small Claims Court Residential Tenancies Appeal Regulations18/20033
- amendment192/200323
[Up] Smoke-free Places ActReg NoIssue
Smoke-free Places Regulations - amendment206/200325
[Up] Special Places Protection ActReg NoIssue
Tusket River Ecological Site Designation78/20037
[Up] Summary Proceedings ActReg NoIssue
Summary Offence Tickets Regulations - amendment76/20037
- amendment83/20037
- amendment84/20037
- amendment87/20038
- amendment108/200311
- amendment184/200323
- amendment to Schedule "B" of O.I.C. 2003-155 (N.S. Reg. 87/2003)
to correct Schedule number errata
- amendment203/200324
- amendment205/200325
[Up] Tourist Accommodations ActReg NoIssue
Tourist Accommodations Regulations185/200323
[Up] Universite Sainte-Anne - College de l'Acadie ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 17, S.N.S. 2002, c. 31, effective January 23, 2003 - except S. 9(b)9/20032
Proclamation, S. 17, S.N.S. 2002, c. 31, effective March 28, 2003 - S. 9(b)70/20037
[Up] Utility and Review Board ActReg NoIssue
Assessment Appeal Rules - amendment97/20038
[Up] Volunteer Fire Services ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 10, S.N.S. 2002, c. 13, effective January 1, 2003159/20021
Volunteer Fire Services Regulations160/20021
[Up] Volunteer Protection ActReg NoIssue
Proclamation, S. 6, S.N.S. 2002, c. 14, effective January 1, 2003162/20021
[Up] Wildlife ActReg NoIssue
Bear Harvesting Regulations - amendment103/20039
Deer Hunting Regulations - amendment100/20039
Firearm and Bow Regulations - amendment102/20039
Fur Harvesting Regulations - amendment101/20039
Shubenacadie Game Sanctuary Regulations - amendment85/20037
[Up] Workers' Compensation ActReg NoIssue
Firefighters' Compensation Regulations140/200316
[Up] Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada)Reg NoIssue
Designation of Persons Who May Access Records195/200323
[Up] Youth Justice ActReg NoIssue
Designation of Courts and Facilities
(also made under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada)
Designation of Courts and Judges93/20038
Proclamation, S. 41, S.N.S. 2001, c. 38, effective April 1, 200371/20037
Youth Justice Regulations191/200323


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