Nova Scotia Museum
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection


Captions appearing with these portraits are organized (where known) by:

  • date
  • subject matter
  • original work
  • publish/print
  • place
  • ownership (institution or private collection)
  • source
  • reference number
  • remarks

The browsing order is chronological. For works with a range of possible dates, the caption is entered under the latest known date. In cases where portraits are based on an earlier work, the copies come immediately after the original work, regardless of the date created.

Where information about individuals portrayed in a work is available, it has been included. Corrections or additions to this information would be greatly appreciated. If you know something we don't know about the people, the place, the date, artist or event associated with a particular image, please tell us. Updated documentation will be added to the Nova Scotia Museum's cultural database on Mi'kmaq genealogies, portraits and biographies to be used by future generations.

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