Nova Scotia Museum
Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection


Date: n.d., pre-1500 A.D.


Orignal Work:


Place: In situ: Bedford, N.S.

Ownership/Collection: Mylar tracing: R. H. Whitehead, 1983.

Source: Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax

Reference Number: P179/ N-17,124

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This petroglyph, or rock carving, was cut with stone tools, probably pre-dating the introduction of European-made metal tools, beginning about 1500. Hence it includes the earliest surviving human or humanoid figure of or by a Mi'kmaq. The eight-pointed star occurs in Mi'kmaq hieroglyphic writing as a symbol for the sun. The knobbed crosses occur elsewhere as part of the hieroglyph for 'star'.


petroglyphs, pre-contact; rock art; sun motifs; star motifs; anthropomorphic motifs; fertility motifs; Nova Scotia; Bedford

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