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Date: 1808


Orignal Work:

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Reference Number: C-36647

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Toler, in Halifax 1808-1829, worked at the Customs House, as did Hibbert N. Binney. His painting is thought to have been one of the first copies of this Binney painting but may have been based on the oil, rather than the watercolour. The Acadian Recorder of 30 August 1817 offers for one guinea, "An engraving from a plan of the town of Halifax, including the north and south suburbs, by J.G. Toler, to be executed by C.W. Corbett, and elegantly coloured, scale 400 ft. to an inch." On 13 October 1821, a full-length portrait of the Right Reverend Bishop Burke, drawn by Toler and engraved by "C.W. Torbett" [sic], is advertised in the same Halifax newspaper.


men; women; children; encampments; transportation; canoes; wigwams; animals; fish; moose; dogs, Mi'kmaq; baby carriers; hats; coats; leggings; moccasins; jackets, women's; skirts; caps, women's; peaked caps; pipes, tobacco; containers, birchbark; quillwork, porcupine; basketry, woodsplint, construction of; weapons; guns; powder horns; hunting; fishing; butchering; Nova Scotia

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