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Date: 1893


Orignal Work:


Place: Shubenacadie, N.S.

Source: Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax

Reference Number: P113/ 13.14 (4003)/ N-6897

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The original of this photo was lent for copying to Harry Piers by Chief Peter Paul of Shubenacadie. Climo Studios made the glass negative copy now in the Nova Scotia Museum Collection, in 1913. Father W. E. Young is the priest at left. Identified (see numbered drawing) are (1) Ruby Williams, daughter of (2) Madeleine Thomas and John Williams; (3) Marie Antoinette Thomas (wife of John Noel), sister of Madeleine, and her granddaughter (4) Bridget Anne Sack. Seated, third from left, is (5) Chief Jacques-Pierre Peminuit Paul, also called James Peter Paul or Saq Piel Saqmow, and his cousin, (6) Judge Christopher Peminuit Paul. Standing, left to right, in costume, are (7) Isaac Sack, Marie Antoinette's son by her first husband Peter Sack, and Bridget Anne Sack's father; (8) John Noel, Grand Chief Paul's second wife's son by her first husband; (9) Peter Glode; (10) Peter Paul, son of Christopher Paul; (11) Louis Paul; (12) Tom Maloney; (13) Martin Sack (Isaac Sack's nephew); (14) Richard Sack; (15) Thomas MacDonald; (16) Mrs. Noel MacDonald; (17) Noel MacDonald; at extreme back left is (18) Father W. E. Young. Chief Jacques-Pierre Peminuit Paul died in 1895.


men; women; children; caps, women's; coats; dance costumes; skirts; jackets, women's; beadwork; ribbon appliqué; peaked caps; churches, Roman Catholic; Catholicism; priests, Roman Catholic; Young, W. E., Father; Williams, Ruby; Williams, Madeleine Thomas; Noel, Marie Antoinette Thomas Sack; Sack, Bridget Anne; Peminuit Paul, Jacques-Pierre, Grand Chief; Paul, James Peter, Grand Chief; Sak Piel Sakmaw, Grand Chief; Paul, Christopher, Judge; Noel, John, Captain; Sack, Isaac; celebrations; St. Anne's Day; chiefs; captains; Glode, Peter; Paul, Peter Stephen; Paul, Louis; Maloney, Thomas; Sack, Martin; Sack, Richard; MacDonald, Thomas; MacDonald, Noel; MacDonald, Noel, Mrs.; Shubenacadie; Nova Scotia

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