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Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection


Date: 1895 ca


Orignal Work:


Place: Chapel Island, N.S.

Ownership/Collection: Legislative Library, Province House, Halifax

Source: Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax

Reference Number: P113/ N-12, 572

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The drawing is signed, "Donahoe, July 95." The article reads in part: "...a white steepled church surmounted by a gold cross, denoting it to be of the Catholic faith, and a low one-and-a-half story house close by....Temporary habitations, in the shape of wigwams, have arisen almost in a night, and have been taken possession of by the 200 or more Micmacs...who have repaired to the island for the purpose of celebrating the annual festival of St. Ann, which occurs on July 26." [Wilson, 1895:754.]


churches, Roman Catholic, St. Anne's; celebrations, religious; St. Anne's Day; Catholicism; Chapel Island; Nova Scotia

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