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  Premier John Savage said today his government is committed
  to working co-operatively with Nova Scotia municipal leaders
  in building a dynamic provincial economy.
  The premier met this morning with the executive of the Union
  of Nova Scotia Municipalities and stressed the need for even
  greater cooperation between the two levels of government.
  "Both levels of government want to see the economy grow and
  jobs created. We can best accomplish that by putting aside
  differences and working co-operatively towards a more
  prosperous Nova Scotia."
  Premier Savage said he was aware of municipal concerns
  arising from the provincial government's efforts to get it's
  financial house in order.
  "All levels of government must share the responsibility of
  getting spending under control. Gone are the days when we
  can solve problems simply by going to the bank and borrowing
  Premier Savage told the municipal leaders that Ottawa budget
  cutting will mean hundreds of millions of dollars in lost
  revenue over the next four or five years.
  "Ottawa is both reducing federal transfer payments and
  increasing fees for various services it provides. While we
  accept the fact that it's necessary for the federal
  government to get its finances in order, it nevertheless
  means a substantial loss to the Nova Scotia economy."
  Premier Savage told the UNSM executive that the upcoming
  Nova Scotia budget will impact municipalities. However, the
  government is working to soften the blow as much as
  The premier said he was encouraged after today's meeting
  with the municipalities.
  "The municipal leaders have an obligation to fight for their
  taxpayers. We respect that. But we are also pleased with
  their willingness to work co-operatively with the provincial
  Municipal Affairs Minister Sandra Jolly also attended
  today's meeting.
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