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External Mediator Appointed in Acadia Strike

Labour, Skills and Immigration Minister Jill Balser has appointed mediator William Kaplan to help the Acadia University Faculty Association and Acadia University reach a settlement in their labour dispute.

Faculty went on strike February 1. Several attempts at conciliation have been unsuccessful.

"We know this situation has been stressful for the Acadia University community,” said Minister Balser. “I feel it’s time to appoint a mediator to help resolve the parties’ differences. Mr. Kaplan is an experienced mediator with a proven track record.”

Mediation will begin on Saturday, February 26. The Department encourages the parties to continue discussions in advance of mediation with Mr. Kaplan.

Mediation is a non-binding tool used to help parties reach a settlement.

Quick Facts:

  • in 2017, the Province appointed Mr. Kaplan as industrial inquiry commissioner in the labour dispute between the Halifax Herald and Halifax Typographical Union

Additional Resources:

Information on the Department’s conciliation and mediation services is available at: