Conciliation and Mediation Services

Conciliation Services: NS Labour and Advanced Education

Conciliation and Mediation Services acts as a neutral third party between labour and management in unionized private and public sector workplaces. They encourage harmonious relations and provide impartial conciliation and dispute resolution with the goal of decreasing work stoppages through timely and efficient mediation of collective agreements. This section contains information on how to use these services.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to:

  • promote economic growth
  • improve the lives of our clients
  • foster harmonious working relationships and industrial peace in Nova Scotia

Our mission is to:

  • minimize the number and duration of workstoppages by assisting our clients in the timely resolution of conflicts
  • promote and deliver quality training and alternative services designed to meet the needs of our clients
  • earn the trust and respect of our clients by inspiring confidence and belief in the process


The authority for Conciliation/Mediation is derived from the Trade Union Act and the Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act. This legislation establishes the right of employees to bargain and sets out procedures for orderly collective bargaining and resolution of workplace disputes.

Our Services


Request for Conciliation Services
Request for Grievance Mediation

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