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Independent Review of Accessibility Act Launches

Consultations for the first independent review of the Accessibility Act launched today, April 21.

Katie Aubrecht, an associate professor in the sociology department at St. Francis Xavier University and Director of its Spatializing Care: Intersectional Disability Studies Lab, is leading the review.

She will be consulting with persons with disabilities, organizations that serve them, and others affected by the legislation and then submit a report with recommendations to the Minister of Justice.

“We want to hear from Nova Scotians, particularly those directly impacted by the implementation of the Accessibility Act and continue to build a more equitable and accessible province by 2030,” said Justice Minister Brad Johns. “We look forward to the completion of the review and Dr. Aubrecht’s independent findings.”

The review will focus on the standards development process, identifying possible changes to the act, and the implementation of the plan to make Nova Scotia accessible by 2030.

More information about the various ways to participate in the review is available at:

The review is expected to take eight to 10 months to complete. The final report will be available to the public.


The review team is excited to engage people, organizations and communities across Nova Scotia to learn about progress being made to make the province accessible. We want to hear about promising practices, and where improvements can be made. We will be reaching out to a diversity of disability communities and will meet people where they are at. The review will have different ways to participate. Groups interested in hosting local engagement sessions are encouraged to contact us. Katie Aubrecht, Canada Research Chair, health equity and social justice, St. Francis Xavier University

Quick Facts:

  • the Accessibility Act was passed in April 2017 and requires an external review of the act within four years of its coming into force and every five years thereafter
  • the external reviewer is required to consult with persons with disabilities and other stakeholders affected by the legislation
  • the Justice Minister is required to table the report in the House of Assembly within 30 days of receiving it

Additional Resources:

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More information on Standard Development Committees and Access By Design 2030 can be found at Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Directorate website: