Accessibility Directorate

We are responsible for implementing and administering the new Nova Scotia Accessibility Act and addressing broader issues related to disability.

We are working with persons with disabilities, municipalities, businesses, post-secondary institutions, and community groups to prioritize and develop accessibility standards. The accessibility standards will apply to:

  • goods and services
  • information and communication
  • transportation
  • employment
  • education
  • built environment

Our announcements

Small business ACCESS-Ability grant program

Small businesses can apply for a cost-shared grant to make accessibility-related improvements for clients, customers, or employees.

Go to the Small Business ACCESS-Ability Grant Program web page for more information.

Accessibility advisory board

The Minister of Justice is reviewing applications for membership on the Accessibility Advisory Board and will announce the Board in January 2018.

Strategy and implementation plan

In consultation with the disability community, we are developing a strategy and implementation plan outlining how we will achieve an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. It will be released by the Minister of Justice  in September 2018.

Contact us


Toll free within NS: 1-800-565-8280


Toll free within NS: 1-877-996-9954