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Cardiac Catheterization Lab for Cape Breton

An advanced heart-care service currently available only in Halifax will be part of new expansions at Cape Breton Regional Hospital, Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson announced today, October 7.

A cardiac catheterization lab will be included in the new clinical services building as part of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Health Care Redevelopment project.

In cardiac catheterization, a thin, flexible tube is guided through a blood vessel to the heart to diagnose or treat conditions such as clogged arteries and to prevent heart attacks.

“Today, Cape Bretoners have to drive for hours to get the life-saving care they need in Halifax,” said Minister Thompson. “This cardiac cath lab will provide life-saving care in Cape Breton, and also make life so much easier for patients, who will be able to have their procedure done in less time than it takes them to get to the causeway.”

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of illness and death in Cape Breton. The hospital’s cardiac services team treats more than 400 patients for heart attacks and more than 500 patients for congestive heart failure annually. Of the Cape Bretoners who require cardiac catheterization each year, 300 are currently transported to Halifax by emergency air or ground ambulance.


A cardiac catheterization lab is the biggest healthcare initiative announced for Cape Breton since the opening of the Cape Breton Cancer Centre in 1998. It will improve patient outcomes, reduce wait times for cardiac services and free up hospital beds in Cape Breton and across the province. This is a major step forward for healthcare in Cape Breton and for all Nova Scotians. Dr. Paul MacDonald, Medical Site Co-Lead, Cape Breton Regional Hospital, and Chief of Cardiology, Eastern Zone, Nova Scotia Health

The infrastructure projects taking place at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital are an important part of the Province’s goal to enhance access to healthcare in Cape Breton. I commend the collaborative efforts of our hard-working project team and our construction partners, and I look forward to achieving future milestones in the expansion of CBRH. Colton LeBlanc, Minister responsible for healthcare redevelopment projects

Quick Facts:

  • the government is investing $210 million in the redevelopment project to cover the costs of construction and capital funding for the clinical services building and cardiac catheterization lab, and additional capital funding for the Cape Breton Cancer Centre and the energy centre at Cape Breton Regional Hospital, to alleviate budget pressures caused by current market conditions
  • the cardiac catheterization lab will be located in the new perioperative service area in the clinical services building
  • construction on the clinical services building is expected to start in 2023

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