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Modular Housing Options for Healthcare Workers

There will soon be more housing options for healthcare workers in communities where they are needed the most.

The Province is investing $8 million in modular housing projects to provide affordable transitional housing for healthcare workers in communities where housing options are limited.

“We need healthcare workers, and we know some communities are having challenges recruiting and retaining them due to limited housing options,” said John Lohr, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “The modular housing model has been successful in other jurisdictions. This investment will help support our healthcare workers with transitional housing until more permanent solutions are available.”

The Province will partner with the Housing Trust of Nova Scotia, which will work with health partners, municipalities and other key stakeholders to place temporary mobile modular homes in areas where there is an acute demand.

The Housing Trust of Nova Scotia will work closely with government representatives and municipalities to identify locations for the modular homes. The trust will use its current processes to establish a modular partner so the units are delivered as quickly as possible.

Recruiting more health professionals is one of six solutions in Action for Health, the government’s strategic plan to improve healthcare in Nova Scotia.


We need more healthcare workers in communities across the province, and we’ve heard that a lack of housing options is a major hurdle. These modular homes will help tackle a long-standing problem and attract healthcare professionals who want to make a life in Nova Scotia. Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness

The Housing Trust of Nova Scotia is pleased to be part of this initiative and working with government and other stakeholders to address the housing needs of healthcare professionals. Modular housing will allow us to respond quickly to the demand for housing in areas of greatest need. Angela Bishop, Executive Director, Housing Trust of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • the government recently announced 65 continuing care assistants have received conditional job offers to come to Nova Scotia from Kenya, the result of a recent recruiting trip
  • the government announced in 2021 that all nurses graduating from Nova Scotia’s universities and Nova Scotia Community College for the next five years will be offered a job
  • a total of 107 doctors (family doctors and specialists) started working in Nova Scotia between April 1 and November 30, 2022

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