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Provincewide Burn Ban, Woods Restrictions Lifted

The provincewide burn ban and the remaining restrictions on travel and activities in the woods were lifted as of 3 p.m. today, June 13.

“Now that all wildfires in Nova Scotia are under control, we’re comfortable lifting the provincewide burn ban and restrictions on entering the woods,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables. “This does not mean we’re any less vigilant about fire safety. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent forest fires and keep their fellow Nova Scotians safe. That’s why we have the burn-safe map which tells Nova Scotians when they can and cannot burn.”

The provincewide burn ban, announced May 29, was on top of restrictions that have been in place since March 15. Burning is still not allowed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., but now it may be allowed after 2 p.m. depending on local conditions. People can check the burn-safe website after 2 p.m. to see if burning is permitted in their area. Everyone should also be aware of municipal bylaws.

Quick Facts:

  • even with the provincewide burn ban lifted, the fine for burning when not allowed is still $25,000

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