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Protected Areas

Bowater Land Acquisition - Protected Area Designations

On July 26, 2007, Nova Scotia Environment and Labour and the Department of Natural Resources announced that the province will designate 30 new protected areas as nature reserves, wilderness areas, and provincial park reserves on lands acquired from Bowater Mersey Paper Company Ltd.

Read the government news release.

Download : A mapPDF Download Link (PDF:2.3mb) showing these new areas

Types of Designations - Summary PosterPDF Download Link (PDF:1.6mb)

Quick Facts and Figures - Information SheetPDF Download Link (PDF:42k)

Designation values for individual sites - Property Summary SheetPDF Download Link (PDF:57k)

As part of the designation process for these new areas, government will be offering additional information, and opportunity for public comment. To learn more about specific areas visit: Shelburne River Wilderness Area.