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Nova Scotia Environment focuses on climate change, protecting our environment and advancing our ambitious environmental goals.

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Climate Change Nova Scotia
We know we can't tackle climate change without serious action. That's why Nova Scotia developed a Climate Change Action Plan. Learn more.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Electricity Sector
Canada and Nova Scotia have released a draft equivalency agreement for coal-fired electricity that will ensure the province’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) regulations apply in Nova Scotia instead of Canada’s new coal-fired electricity regulations. Learn More
Contaminated SitesContaminated Sites Regulations
Nova Scotia has updated the Ministerial Protocols under the Contaminated Sites Regulations in September 2021. Learn more
Our Parks and Protected AreasParks and Protected Areas Plan
Our Parks and Protected Areas: A Plan for Nova Scotia will ensure that important natural areas across the province continue to thrive. Learn More
Fish Consumption AdvisoryFish Consumption Advisory
Some fish in Nova Scotia may be contaminated with mercury or PCBs. Our fish consumption advisory identifies which fish should be eaten only in small quantities, or not at all for some people.
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