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Hectanooga Cedar Swamp Nature Reserve

Hectanooga Cedar Swamp Nature Reserve Hectanooga Cedar Swamp Nature Reserve protects one of Nova Scotia’s most significant concentrations of eastern white cedar forest.

Naturally occurring cedar is rare in Nova Scotia, and the species is listed as “vulnerable” under Nova Scotia’s endangered species legislation.

The reserve encompasses much of a site known as “Hectanooga Cedar Swamp,” which was first recommended for protection in 1974 by the International Biological Programme.

Cedar occurs in dense stands as well as scattered individual trees. Other tree species include balsam fir, red and black spruce, red maple, white birch, and white ash. The moist, undisturbed conditions at Hectanooga Cedar Swamp also support at least two species of rare lichen.

All lands within the reserve were acquired for protection. About two-thirds was purchased by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust in 2010 and transferred to the Province for protection. The Province acquired the remainder of the site between 2010 and 2012.

A forest access road through the southern end of the reserve that accesses adjacent private lands is not part of the designated area.