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Ponhook Lake Nature Reserve

Ponhook Lake Nature ReserveLocated in the middle reaches of the Medway River system, which stretches from Annapolis to Queens County, the 43 hectare Ponhook Lake Nature Reserve provides important habitat protection for plants of a distinct species association known as the Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora. These plants were likely much more widespread following the last period of glaciation, but changing climatic conditions has reduced the species range to a narrow band of the Atlantic seaboard and three disjunct populations, including one located in the southwestern interior of Nova Scotia.

Coastal plain plants are restricted to wet habitats (bogs and lake/ stream margins) where extreme growing conditions such as high wave action, ice scour, water level fluctuation or low soil nutrient conditions allow tolerant coastal plain elements to have a competitive advantage.

Eight significant coastal plain species occur along the islands and shorelines of Ponhook and Molega lakes. These include six nationally rare, one critically imperiled and one imperiled species.

Cottage and second home development, vehicle use on lake shores, and a proliferation of recreational facilities (resorts, campgrounds etc) threaten coastal plain flora populations throughout southwestern Nova Scotia.