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Rawdon River

Rawdon River Rawdon River Nature Reserve straddles a section of Rawdon River, just upstream of Shubenacadie Grand Lake, near the suburban community of Fall River.

It features small, rich wetlands and mature red spruce, hardwood, and eastern hemlock forest along the river.

The designation of 13 hectares within this area was identified in the Province’s 2013 Parks and Protected Areas Plan for potential protection, subject to addressing mineral rights. The overlapping mineral rights have since expired and these lands are included in the nature reserve.

Eighteen hectares that was part of the area identified for protection in the Parks and Protected Areas Plan is not included in the reserve to avoid a small private lot and Crown lands with unresolved trespass issues.

Designation does not affect angling on Rawdon River, as the river itself is not part of the nature reserve.