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Smith Lake

Smith Lake Smith Lake Nature Reserve is located at the top of the West Branch LaHave River watershed.

This reserve consists of a poorly drained forest and wetland complex, with a large open bog and several kilometres of lake frontage on three different lakes. Forests are a mix of black and red spruce, white and red pine, tamarack, red oak, and red maple.

Long’s bulrush, a provincially listed threatened species, occurs on the edge of Smith Lake Bog.

The nature reserve contains potential habitat for eastern ribbon snake and Blanding's turtle, both listed species-at-risk which have been found at several nearby locations. The area is likely used by several uncommon bird species including olive sided flycatcher.

Smith Lake Nature Reserve straddles the transition zone between the productive LaHave Drumlins natural landscape and the granite-underlain South Mountain Rolling Plain natural landscape. The reserve helps provide natural corridors for wildlife movement in the upper LaHave and Pleasant river systems.

The southeastern extent of the reserve ends at a section of rail trail. Use of the rail trail is not affected.