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Spinneys Heath Nature Reserve

Spinneys Heath Nature ReserveSpinneys Heath Nature Reserve is located approximately 2 km from the eastern shore of the Argyle River estuary in the Roseway River Glacial Plain natural landscape. Spinneys Heath Nature Reserve protects a large, open, flat bog covering approximately 250 ha, with a catchment area (watershed + bog) of nearly 500 ha. The majority of the catchment area is contained within the nature reserve. Spinneys Heath was identified by the International Biological Program in 1971 as an excellent example of an open Sphagnum bog.

Vegetation of Spinneys Heath is dominated by sedge (Carex exilis) and rush (Scirpus caespitosus) on Sphagnum (spp.) moss, with hummocks of Sphagnum and Ground Juniper (Juniperus communis).

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