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Torbrook Nature Reserve

Torbrook Nature Reserve Torbrook Nature Reserve protects steep, forested slopes and adjacent upland within the Black River watershed, near Torbrook, Annapolis County.

The dissected slopes are part of a ravine of the upper Black River. The river defines the site’s western boundary and originates in nearby Cloud Lake Wilderness Area. It is one of the main tributaries of the Annapolis River. Large eastern hemlock, red spruce, and white ash trees thrive in the humid microclimate along the ravine. Scattered white pines poke above the forest canopy. At least one species of rare lichen occurs here.

The adjacent uplands support mixed forest on well drained hummocks and deciduous forest on a hilltop.

This reserve protects a small sample of the South Mountain Foothills natural landscape, a region encompassing the South Mountain escarpment that rises from the Annapolis Valley. This is one of the more undisturbed forest patches in this landscape.

The southern and eastern boundaries of the site extend to forest access roads which are part of the local ATV trail network. On-going use of these roads is unaffected by the nature reserve designation.