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Wentworth Lake

Wentworth Lake Wentworth Lake Nature Reserve protects a long, narrow ridge of mixed conifer-deciduous forest that divides Wentworth and Little Wentworth Lakes in Digby County.

The reserve is more than 2 km in length, but just over 100m wide at its narrowest point. Rich soils support impressive forest stands with old sugar maple, yellow birch, eastern hemlock, and red spruce.

With over four km of lake frontage, this nature reserve helps maintain the highly scenic character of Wentworth and Little Wentworth lakes, a popular recreation destination. These lakes are easily accessible off Highway 340 from a “pocket wilderness” owned and operated by the Municipality of the District of Clare. Wentworth and Little Wentworth Lakes form the beginning of the Carleton River canoe route.

This site is identified in the Province’s 2013 Parks and Protected Areas Plan as "Little Wentworth Lake Nature Reserve," but has been renamed "Wentworth Lake Nature Reserve".