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Protected Areas


The following publications may be available in hard-copy format from Nova Scotia Environment by contacting Some can be accessed directly on-line:


  • Natural Landscapes of Nova Scotia: Summary Descriptions
  • Nova Scotia's Protected Areas Strategy (1997)
  • Photo Gallery
  • A Proposed Systems Plan for Parks and Protected Areas in Nova Scotia (1994)
  • Protecting Nova Scotia's Natural Areas: The Report of the Public Review Committee for the Proposed Systems Plan for Parks and Protected Areas in Nova Scotia (1995)
  • Sacred Worth Exhibition Catalogue (April 1998 - March 2000 Maritime tour) - Paintings of Wilderness Areas by Alice Reed

Forms and Applications

Education and Research

2014 Parks and Protected Areas Forum

Environmentally Sustainable Recreation in Nova Scotia

Graduate students from Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management took the lead on this inaugural forum. We thank them for contributing to our ongoing efforts to engage people in our parks and protected areas.

Wilderness Areas

Nature Reserves

Heritage Rivers

Private Land Conservation


Wilderness Area Maps

  • The Nova Scotia Trail Information Project and a number of community trail groups have information on hiking trails, including trails in wilderness areas.
  • The Nova Scotia Atlas contains maps showing the location of all provincial Wilderness Areas. This book is available at most bookstores.

Nature Reserve Maps

Heritage River Maps