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Tobeatic Management Plan

The Tobeatic Management Plan guides the application of the Wilderness Areas Protection Act in protecting and managing the natural, cultural, and wilderness values of Tobeatic Wilderness Area.

The plan enhances natural ecosystem and landscape protection, addresses the maintenance and restoration of natural processes, and improves the protection of outstanding natural features. It provides continued opportunities for high quality wilderness recreation, sportfishing, and traditional patterns of hunting and trapping. It also directs the coordination of scientific research and environmental education, and encourages public participation and community stewardship.

The management plan is built around the four guiding principles of: ecological integrity; heritage; wilderness recreation; and stewardship. Supported by a “best practice” approach to wilderness management, these guiding principles and associated management goals are the foundation of a new Tobeatic Wilderness Area management framework. This framework gives direction and sets priority actions under the major themes of: ecosystem protection, recreation management, neighbouring lands, and implementation.

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Final Management Plan

Draft Management Plan (2004)


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