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Baddeck River Wilderness Area

Baddeck River This scenic wilderness area encompasses two, steep-sided branches of Baddeck River, along with a wetland complex near Bell Lakes and some productive lowland and floodplains. It includes over 35 km of river next to hardwood slopes.

The protected woodlands provide a wildlife corridor between the lowlands and the plateau, and habitat for endangered American marten and lynx. The Baddeck River system as an important watershed for brook trout and Atlantic Salmon. A portion of this area borders Usige Ban Falls Provincial Park, just above the falls. This park includes a managed hiking trail.

This scenic and rugged area offers opportunities for wilderness travel and trail development, as well as sport fishing in Baddeck River and the adjacent Bell Lakes. Portions of the area are suitable for hunting and trapping.

A 1 km section of route 710 passes along the eastern edge of Baddeck River Wilderness Area. This is managed by the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) and All-terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS) under agreements with Nova Scotia Environment. Bicycle use is also permitted on this route.