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Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area

Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area This is a sprawling collection of 400 large and small provincially-owned islands, stretching 75 km from Clam Harbour in Halifax Regional Municipality to Marie Joseph in Guysborough County. They form a large part of a world-class archipelago of coastal islands, and boast an impressive diversity of coastal features and habitats, including numerous beaches, spits, headlands, saltmarshes, estuarine flats, coastal barrens, and coastal spruce/fir forests. The islands support numerous colonies of nesting seabirds, and staging and feeding areas for waterfowl.

These islands have exceptional tourism and coastal recreation value. This is a destination for sea kayaking, sailing and other boating, coastal hiking, camping and seabird hunting. Wilderness area designation recognizes the importance of the islands for both conservation and recreation.

Protection of the provincially-owned islands complements the high-profile “100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign” land acquisition project launched by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NSNT) in 2014 to acquire privately owned islands within this archipelago.

Many of the provincially-owned islands in the eastern portion of the archipelago are part of the Eastern Shore Wildlife Management Area. Nova Scotia Environment and the Department of Natural Resources (responsible for the wildlife management area) will work together, in consultation with Nova Scotians, to determine appropriate management of the islands.

An existing campsite lease will be honoured under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act.