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Holden Lake Wilderness Area

Holden Lake Wilderness AreaHolden Lake Wilderness Area protects about 1,700 hectares of mature-older mixed forest in the Gold River watershed, surrounding much of Holden Lake.

The mix of Acadian forest species includes mature white pine, eastern hemlock, red spruce, red oak and red maple. The forests provide habitat for fisher and pine marten, which prefer older conifer forest. At least two species of at-risk birds – barn swallow and rusty blackbird – are found here.

The wilderness area includes 10 km of shoreline at Holden Lake and about 4 km along Gold River. This rugged and hilly area is one of the more remote parts of Lunenburg County. Recreational use includes angling, hunting, canoeing and camping. Gold River is a traditional canoe route, with fast water.

The wilderness area includes over 200 hectares of land owned by Nova Scotia Power (NSPI) at Gold River. NSPI has consented to the designation of this property under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act, while retaining ownership.

Holden Lake is not within the wilderness area. Off-highway vehicle access to the south and north ends of the lake is not affected by designation of the wilderness area.