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Protected Areas


Humes River Wilderness Area

Ruiss NoirThis is an exceptionally scenic area of steep and humid river canyons, hardwood forests, and highland barrens. It encompasses one of the last relatively large tracts of intact Acadian forests in the Bras d'Or Lake watershed, and features impressive stands of red spruce, eastern hemlock, and old growth hardwood. The area provides habitat for endangered American marten and lynx, as well as at least three species of rare voles and shrews. Protection of these lands improves representation of Keppoch Mountain Natural Landscape within the provincial protected areas network. Together with the adjacent Trout Brook Wilderness Area, this area creates a protected land corridor between Bras d’Or Lake and Lake Ainslie.

An old cart track at Lewis Mountain is currently used for hiking and the Municipality of Victoria County is exploring additional trail opportunities. The area’s recreation and nature tourism potential is enhanced by its accessibility immediately off the Trans-Canada Highway. The area is also suitable for hunting, trapping and limited sport fishing.

Vehicle passage through the area will be accommodated by excluding a 1.5 km portion of road (SANS route 700). This road originates at Wagmatcook First Nation and is used for off-highway vehicle and truck access, primarily for passage to the highlands.

Boundaries have been adjusted to the north side of a NSPI power line near the Trans-Canada Highway to simplify management of the area.