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Jim Campbells Barren Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedJim Campbells Barren Wilderness Area protects a large patch of boreal wetlands (bogs and fens), barrens and older boreal forest on the Cape Breton Plateau, near Cheticamp.

It is home to a high concentration of rare and unique elements, with rare plants, old balsam fir forests and forested wetlands. It overlaps with three watersheds, including that of the Margaree River, and plays an important role in watershed protection and maintenance.

Jim Campbells Barren Wilderness Area is nearly joined to the adjacent and larger Margaree River Wilderness Area.

A 650 m section of off-highway vehicle trail passes through the northeastern edge of this wilderness area. This section of trail is managed by the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) and All-terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS) under agreements with Nova Scotia Environment. Bicycle use is permitted on this trail.