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Margaree River Wilderness Area

painting by Alice ReedMargaree River Wilderness Area protects the upper reaches of the renowned Northeast Margaree River, in Inverness County. Expanded in 2015, this wilderness area now encompasses nearly 9,000 hectares.

Steep slopes lead to fast flowing tributaries of the Northeast Margaree River. This dissected canyon complex supports climax deciduous and mixed wood forests and is inhabited by rare and unique plants and animals. The wilderness area helps protect water quality and important spawning habitat for a provincially significant Atlantic salmon run. It includes old forest stands and habitat for Canada lynx, a provincially listed endangered species.

In addition to spectacular viewing from the canyon rim at Cape Clear, this rugged and scenic wilderness area offers opportunities for wilderness hiking and exploring along the base of the steep escarpments and to various waterfalls and side canyons. Currently, no managed trails occur within the area.

A one kilometre section of an unmaintained public road corridor that connects Big Intervale with the highlands and Grand Etang via Pembroke Road is not within the wilderness area, allowing on-going vehicle passage. Also known as Route 905, vehicle use is currently limited to off-highway vehicles. Local snowmobile and ATV clubs maintain an off-highway vehicle bridge on this route, at Forest Glen Brook.