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Porcupine Lake Wilderness Area

Porcupine Lake Wilderness Area Porcupine Lake Wilderness Area protects a scenic and biologically productive, hilly woodland area with lakes and wetlands in the upper reaches of the Tusket River watershed.

Hardwood forest drumlins (hills) are separated by bands of conifer forest and short stillwaters on lower ground. Mature stands of sugar maple, yellow birch, red spruce and eastern hemlock are interspersed with younger stands in various stages of succession. Old forest conditions, including the accumulation of deadwood on the forest floor, make this area suitable habitat for American marten, a provincially listed endangered species.

This site lies within the Tusket Drumlins natural landscape, which is not well represented in the provincial protected areas network. With highly fragmented land ownership and a long history of settlement in this part of Nova Scotia, Porcupine Lake Wilderness Area protects a unique natural area in this region.

This scenic area offers high quality outdoor recreation opportunities in a very accessible wilderness setting, including angling, hunting, cross-country skiing and canoeing. About 4 km of the Wentworth River canoe route is within the wilderness area.

Major Road, which passes through the middle of the wilderness area, is not within the wilderness area. Ongoing vehicle access on this road is unaffected. Access to a gravel pit on private land near Firmain Lake is unaffected. Minor boundary changes were made during the survey process to avoid a power line and associated ATV trail parallel to Route 340.

If needed, access to several in-held private properties can be authorized by the Minister of Environment.