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Port La Tour Bogs Wilderness Area

Port La Tour Bogs Wilderness Area Port La Tour Wilderness Area consists of three separate parts that straddle large coastal bogs near Port La Tour, Shelburne County.

These acidic and nutrient-poor bogs harbour at least four rare plant species, including nationally endangered thread-leaved sundew. This species is known from only five locations in Canada, four of which are bogs partly within this wilderness area.

Protection of these lands also improves representation of the Shelburne Headlands natural landscape in the province’s protected areas network.

Crown title for most of the lands was recently clarified through a partnership between Ducks Unlimited and DNR. Ducks Unlimited subsequently consented to the designation of these lands as wilderness area. A 10 hectare property near Crows Neck Beach that the Nova Scotia Nature Trust recently transferred to the Province is also part of the wilderness area.

Hunting and trapping is permitted within the wilderness area.

Access to an in-held private property can be authorized by the Minister of Environment.

Swaines Road and a short spur to adjacent properties is not included within the wilderness area boundary – vehicle use is unaffected.

About one-quarter of the area identified for protection in the Province’s 2013 Parks and Protected Areas Plan is not included within the wilderness area due to unresolved land title issues.