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Roseway River Wilderness Area

Roseway River Wilderness Area This wilderness area consists of two intact forest tracts located along 10 km of Roseway River, near Middle Ohio, in Shelburne County, on either side of Highway 203.

Forest types are predominantly a mix of mature black spruce, red maple, balsam fir, and white pine. The site also contains some old eastern hemlock forest and several wetlands. Protection of these river corridors complements protection of the headwaters of Roseway River further upstream, within Tobeatic Wilderness Area.

The area is used for canoeing, hunting, fishing and other activities.

An access road to a private property at McKay Lakes is not within the wilderness area.

An existing license that Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) holds with Nova Scotia Environment will be amended to provide for ongoing maintenance of a section of power line which cuts through the wilderness area.