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Scrag Lake Wilderness Area

Scrag Lake Wilderness Area Scrag Lake Wilderness Area protects a remnant tract of intact forest within the heavily settled and farmed LaHave Drumlins Natural Landscape, a region that is otherwise poorly represented in the provincial protected areas network. It is located in the interior of western Nova Scotia, straddling the watershed divide between the LaHave and Medway river systems.

The area protects lakes and surrounding woodlands. This includes a number of drumlins (elongated hills with good soil) which support impressive Acadian forest of sugar maple, hemlock and yellow birch.

Varied topography, lakes, and vistas offer a variety of wilderness recreation opportunities, including hiking, angling, and hunting.

In 2015, the province acquired two properties near Rae Lake. Both properties, along with Rae Lake, were added to the wilderness area to simplify and improve the boundary. The road to an access point at the north end of Rae Lake is not part of the wilderness area and allows continued vehicle access.

If needed, access to an in-held private property at Scrag Lake can be authorized by the Minister of Environment.

The southern boundary was straightened from that shown in the 2013 Parks and Protected Areas Plan to simplify boundaries and management.