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Twelve Mile Stream Wilderness Area

Twelve Mile Stream Wilderness Area Twelve Mile Stream Wilderness Area consists of four tracts of river corridor along two main tributaries of East River Sheet Harbour. It straddles the western boundary of Liscomb Game Sanctuary.

These four tracts protect important trout habitat. They include several kilometres of riffs and pools along “Twelve Mile,” “Ten Mile,” and “Seven Mile” streams, as well as frontage on Lake Mulgrave and Fraser Lake.

Pockets of old red spruce, eastern hemlock, sugar maple, white ash and yellow birch forest can be found on floodplains and slopes alongside these streams. These are some of the few remaining older forest remnants in the Liscomb region. The wide stream corridors with intact forest will help provide connectivity for wildlife in this region.

This area has a long history as a destination for canoeing, angling and hunting. Close to half of the area is within Liscomb Game Sanctuary, which limits hunting to muzzleloader, bow or crossbow. Walking, canoeing, angling and hunting opportunities can be accessed from adjacent forest access roads. A popular walking trail to a high bluff provides a scenic vista overlooking Lake Mulgrave.

The boundary avoids an historic warden’s cabin on Crown land at Twelve Mile Stream.

Wilderness area designation of an additional 178 hectares near Union Dam Flowage will come into effect if overlapped mineral rights expire and no new rights are granted.