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Protected Areas


Wentworth Valley Wilderness Area

Wentworth Valley Wilderness Area protects a scenic portion of the Cobequid Mountains at Wentworth Valley, east of Highway #4.

Mature to older hardwood and mixed forest blankets highlands and deep ravines. Sugar maple, yellow birch and red spruce are mixed with white ash, hemlock, red maple, white spruce, ironwood and other species. Scattered throughout are fast flowing brooks, waterfalls, a few lakes, ponds, wetlands, and vernal pools.

The forest condition and extended seasonal snow cover provide quality habitat for the endangered mainland moose. This is also part of the headwaters of the Wallace River, which supports an Atlantic salmon run.

The wilderness area includes an unnamed peak which has been confirmed as the highest in mainland Nova Scotia, at 365 m above sea level.

The scenic and hilly terrain is suited for four-season trail use and other outdoor recreation in a wilderness setting, including hunting and angling.

A portion of Ski Wentworth's cross-country ski trail network is within the wilderness area. This is managed under an agreement with the province.

Recreational off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding is permitted on connecting trails in some wilderness areas where authorized under an agreement, as allowed under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act. Nova Scotia Environment has authorized OHV use on trails #310 / 310A and on a trail near the east side of Hart Lake by adding these to agreements with the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) and All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia (ATVANS). These trails are located in the eastern portion of the wilderness area, near the community of Hart Lake.

There are two campsite leases in the wilderness area.